Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick update and reshuffling

Added Fun and Games  and The Texas Revolution and Mexican-American War to the Unknown History section, from when I started my career (?) as a blogger.

I foresee this blog being much more about in depth analysis of history and geostrategic and geopolitical trends and past trends, and much less about current events.

Although, if something pisses me off something fierce, I will blog about it.

Now go read Fun and Games.

It has some good research in it, and is about training exercises which have run at the same time as the 9/11 incident, the 7/7 incident  (London bombings) and the 11-M incident (Madrid bombings) and the Aurora Shooting by a psychotropic drug befuddled mad man.

All of them had simultaneous, some more than one, training exercises and drills which simulated exactly what was happening at the same time in reality.

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Peter said...

From the Maine to Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin to 9-11 there's an unbroken thread of deception and the sacrificing of the small fry, doomed to die in furtherance of a larger scheme. It's a formula that always works. Average people can't comprehend that their very own 'leaders' have such little regard for them and deny that such a thing could be true. They'll believe it about some other place though, like North Korea, but not about the USA.