Friday, December 6, 2013

Lets celebrate the great accomplishments of Nelson Mandela

From the
This is Joubert Park, Johannesburg, when the racists White people ran the country.

This is the same place, now that the racist, evil White people no longer run the country - thanks Mandela!

Some more pictures from the beautiful J'burg, now that the evil racist Whites no longer run the place, it has improved a whole lot:

A bus depot (now for some reason abandoned and no longer functioning, natch):

Oppenheimer Park, situated between President and Pritchard Streets, was a pleasant green spot in between the high rise commercial blocks of the old Johannesburg. Its central feature was a fountain, over which lept a stunning piece of sculpture: a series of Impala, all linked. The statue was so marvellous that it was a tourist attraction in the official guides to Johannesburg.
This is a picture of how the park looked under the management of the racist Boers:

And here are a few pictures of how it looks now, when the evil Whites were replaced with a more worthy people:

As you can see, things have improved once the horrible, racist regime was overthrown, thanks to the efforts of the soon to be sainted and knighted Mr. Mandela.

But fear not, European citizens of European run countries.  There are many, many people, who work tirelessly to change your racist societies to match what was achieved in South Africa.

Great accomplishments furthering this goal have already been performed in such evil countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and many, many others.  While countries like South Africa or Rhoderrrrrrr, I mean Zimbabwe have already performed the necessary excision of the evil, racist, bigoted White race from all positions of power and privilege, the work never ceases to tikum olam the rest of this world.

To make it a better place.

For our children.

Bonus Material
And now, for no particular reason whatsoever, I will put some pictures here of an American city, Detroit, for no reason whatsoever.  Call it a fleeting fancy, as these pictures have nothing to do with the celebration of what the soon to be saint and knight (Sir) Mandela has accomplished.

A happy resident, sleeping in his proudly owned residence:

As you can surely see, social justice, equality, solidarity and all other human rights are finally implemented and in effect, but only once the evil White race is prevented from exercising power.

Like I have written before, there is much work to be done in your country to further the progress of the human race away from the racist, bigoted and hateful White paradigm into a new era of social progress and justice for all.


Occidentalist said...

You may be interested to ear Jennifer Dixon describe her first-hand knowledge of South Africa:

AmericanGoy said...

South Africa is becoming another "TIA".

What can one expect when blacks take power - answer, a series of disasters.

Murder, skyrocketing crime rate, corruption, kleptocracy, more murder, more crime, hordes of blacks with no jobs and no life goals.

AmericanGoy said...

A good link - worth a listen to.