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Eastern Promises for real - AmericanGoy investigates modern day slavery

Many of you (I hope) saw the movie Eastern Promises. Perhaps you discussed it with your friends, co-workers, family. While many concentrated on Viggo's butt, or the fight scene (oh eeky blood - finally, realistic violence is shown in an American gangster movie, which makes people gag, puke and uncomfortable - this is how real fights work outside a Hollywood movie folks!), the problem the movie highlights is very real.

And it is in your neighborhood.

This is not necessarily limited to women being sex slaves. Good old fashioned slave workforce exists around the world, and also in the United States.

Yes, really. Here in the USA and Canada also:

Canadian police bust smuggling ring

Trafficking for sex slaves in Kansas City

San Antonio Texas



New York

Long Island, NY



Maryland again - quite a hotbed for sex slavery in the USA

Memphis TN

Wonder if Charlie Wilson or other congressmen got off in these DC spas?

Many girls from Eastern Europe, just like the characters in the movie, were lured away to the West with offers of jobs (typically as models in a modelling agency), then had their passports taken away, beaten, abused, possibly drugged, and forced to have sex with strangers.

Many many thousands more girls from Asia and Africa find themselves in similar situations.

To learn more:

PBS Frontline great show on sex slavery


Wikipedia overview of the issue

United States of America, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Russia, India, Israel, Israel again..., Israel YET AGAIN

In fact, Israel is THE top trafficking/sex slave country in the western world. The problem there is so bad, the government so corrupt, that it possibly needs a blog post all of its own. Due to Russian mafia having a strong presence in Israel due to the presence of many Russian immigrants in that country, and the 'wink wink nod nod look the other way Israeli police and society (the whores are just goyim after all)', perhaps that is why Israel is such among the worst human traffickers". A fact you will no doubt never hear from the fantastic US media we have here.

(Israel) The Interior Minnistry is planning to expel some 15 women who were brought here to work as prostitutes and agreed to testify against the men who imported and sold them.

So what's the message to the sex slaves in Israel? Simple - do not testify or else.

Of course, when I said in the western world I meant Western Europe. Israel is handily beaten by the USA in sheer scale of human slavery, of the sex and work-slave kind, by the USofA, and the hidden suffering which goes on here.

And of course India, Pakistan, much of Africa, Asia are in a league of their own, with not thousands but tens of thousands of minors and adults employed as sex slaves and slave workers.

Quotes to make you shudder:

"A report released this week by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has cited Israel as among the top destinations in the trafficking of human beings, either for sexual exploitation or forced labor."

"Emily Nicely, 19, was routinely beaten with broom handles, a metal pipe, belts and wooden boards. She was forced to quit school, to do chores and deliver newspapers without pay. She was by any definition - including those of the federal government and the family that held her captive for six months - a slave."

"It can't happen here. New York or Los Angeles, sure, but not here in Kansas City. It only happens someplace else, right? "Human trafficking is more prevalent in this region than most people know," said Janel D'Agata Lynch, program manager for community services at Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph. "Local people were shocked when the news broke about the massage parlor raids in Overland Park, Kan., and earlier this year, the central Missouri boy who was found, along with a second boy, in the St. Louis area. "Human trafficking is not always 'some place else,'" D'Agata Lynch said."

""We've seen young children. We have an active case now involving a 13-year-old."

"Authorities have 31 people in custody and more than 70 suspected Korean sex slaves were freed. Investigators said the suspects smuggled Korean women through Canada and Mexico. To help pay off their smuggling fee, the women were forced to work in brothels in seven states -- including Maryland -- and the District."

"What’s more shocking is that, since 1994, no single woman has testified against any trafficker. Many say this could be attributed to the fact that although women are the victims here, trafficked women are the ones usually arrested as illegal workers, while the men who brought them to Israel, who are usually Israeli, are not."

" ROCKVILLE, Md: In the case of domestics, they are often forced to work from dawn well into the evening, seven days a week. They are paid meager wages or nothing at all. Their documents are taken from them and they are virtually held captive, threatened with jail or deportation if they complain. "

"The women, aged 18 to 24, are from across eastern Europe, lured from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria, with promises of good jobs as waitresses, au pairs and dancers. Instead, they have been forced into modern-day slavery in western Macedonia, locked in the dirty cellar and only summoned upstairs by their masters to perform sexual services for customers who are usually drunk and often violent."

"A 9-year-old girl toils under the hot sun, making bricks from morning to night, seven days a week. She was trafficked with her entire family from Bihar, one of the poorest and most underdeveloped states in India, and sold to the owner of a brick-making factory. With no means of escape, and unable to speak the local language, the family is isolated and lives in terrible conditions."

"“At first we were forced to walk the streets in search of clients,” recalls Silvia. “If I didn’t return with clients, I was beaten. We had to work in thin dresses even in the middle of the Russian winter.”"

"The pilgrim town of Puri is a haven for child prostitution and rampant paedophilia. A recent study conducted by the Institute of Socio Economic Development with support from United Nations Development Fund for Women says that Puri is the heart of child trafficking and accounts for over 43 percent of the cases.

But the State Administration and Police make no attempt to move because the holy town also happens to be a tourist hotspot."

"GARDEN CITY, N.Y. -- A millionaire couple accused of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves in their luxurious Long Island home and abusing them for years have been indicted on federal slavery charges.

"Varsha Mahender Sabhnani, 35, and her husband, Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani, 51, operate a worldwide perfume business with factories in Singapore and Bahrain."

"Mariluz Zavala and her husband, Jose Ibanez, later pleaded guilty to smuggling 69 fellow Peruvian immigrants and enslaving them in Amityville, Brentwood and Coram. Both are in prison; Zavala was given 15 years, even longer than prosecutors asked for. (...) The victims said Zavala and her husband held them as virtual slaves. They had to hand over their paychecks in return for meager rations."

"Given Kachepa, 20, of Zambia said he was lured out of his country nine years ago by a Sherman-based Christian group that promised him a better life in the United States. When he and 10 other boys got here, they were organized into a choir that toured the nation, earning large fees for the ministry.

Regardless of sickness or fatigue, they were required to perform up to seven concerts a day, with no payment.

"If we did not sing, the choir manager would say, 'No singing, no food,' and he would turn off the gas for the stove so we couldn't cook," Mr. Kachepa said. "Sometimes we went for three days without having anything to eat.""

"Cristina Andres Perfecto, of Nashville, Tenn., pleaded guilty today to two counts of
commercial sex trafficking related to her role in a Memphis trafficking ring. Perfecto admitted that she recruited two Mexican girls to come to the United States under fraudulent pretenses, knowing that the girls would be coerced into engaging in commercial sex acts and knowing that the victims were younger than 18 years of age."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this article.

Human Trafficking in prostitution just shows me that the owners of these businesses want to keep too much of the money for themselves and not pay the women working for them nearly enough. I bet they take over half of what these women earn. Thats why they have to kidnap women or get them on drugs to stay in the business.

Prositution is something that would probably function best if women were there own "independent contractors" and were their own boss, but in the age of drug-resistant-STD's and HIV, how many decent looking, clean women are willing to risk this line of work, even if they can make 100K for a couple of years? I wouldn't. I cant imagine being made to have sex with men Im not attracted to. It would kill one's romantic and physical desire to have sex at all. This is probably why so many prostitutes wind up as severe drug addicts, walking the streets to support their addiction. Some strippers might leave their business relatively unscathed, but on the whole I would imagine very few prostitutes and porn stars are "glad" they did it.

Human traffickers should be given stiffer sentences that rapists. I'd go hungry and scrub floors on my hands and knees before doing that for a living.