Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kucinich forbidden from debating in Nevada

Are Americans still stupid enough to call this country a democracy?

Kucinich will sit out the debate in Nevada

FOX News: Kucinich excluded from debate

From the FOX "News" article, some very tasty quotes:

'A lower court order that Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich be included in a MSNBC candidate debate Tuesday was tossed out a few hours before the debate by the Nevada Supreme Court.

FCC broadcast rules do not apply to cable TV networks, Campbell said, adding that forcing MSNBC to add Kucinich or not broadcast the debate amounted to prior restraint and would be a "clear and unequivocal" violation in First Amendment press freedom.

"Mr. Kucinich’s claim ... undermines the wide journalistic freedoms enjoyed by news organizations under the First Amendment," Campbell said in his appeal.'

Yes you see excluding a candidate for president from a presidential debate, not allowing the voters to see him and hear his views and plans, is ALL ABOUT FREEDOM.

Where is OUR freedom of citizens to vote for the candidates we want?

Oh I am sorry, there is no podium for Kucinich - and we cannot force the network to buy a podium for a presidential candidate for $200. It's not like this is important or something...

Y'all vote for your pre packaged candidates, approved by international business, lobby money and the media.

Bonus material:
There is a VERY simple solution to this.
The national debates should be on PBS - each state has at least one station, and it is not on cable TV. Everyone can watch.

Force the network BY LAW to include all candidates.

And for the record - I personally cannot stand Kucinich.

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