Friday, January 11, 2008

No one is guilty in Abu Ghraib scandal

Off the Australia broadcasting service (what, did you expect an American media company to break this news snicker snicker):

The ONLY US officer court martialed for Abu Ghraib torture is cleared of all charges

This is entirely normal

As is this

And why should you have trouble with this

I do not understand why American troops are not greeted by Iraqis as liberators, with flowers and cheers?

Obviously they hate us for our freedoms

The source is

Bonus material:
Oh but there is more!
See the man covered in feces! Sic a dog on him! Beat him! And then smile as you give a thumbs up over his dead body!

But don't worry - American media is on the case!
"The program did not show all of the pictures. It deemed some of them too graphic for air"

'Ummm... lets discuss the pictures, not show them. I mean, we don't want to upset yah needlessly...cut to the commercial, Bob!'

We here at americangoy adore our sanitized media - all the news that's safe to show you.

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