Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The BlogRush experience

If you visit frequently, you probably notice that I tinker around with stuff on this blog. I change the picture, tweak the colors, add new favorites, new history links, etc.

Behind the scenes, I also tweak the code to do various, mostly useless stuff, add widgets, etc.

I have just added a BlogRush widget, and to do so I had to submit my blog to be reviewed by a blog reviewer to see if I passed the test.

I did!
I am worthy oh thank you master!
Big time here I come!

So I put the BlogRush widget on my blog, and here are the "quality" sites that made this esteemed service list on the widget:

NObama, which blog article boldly states: "*Don't bring about the 12th imam!!" and "At war with Islam!". Hmm, I don't remember Palestinian flag having a swastika on it? Wait, is that a radical moslems for Obama poster?


Let's see the next blog which made is "quality" according to BlogRush review: E-Man blog, Arab Regimes and the Palestinians.

OK seems interesting.
Lets read it.

I must confess that when Hamas militants blasted holes into Egypt’s border to end an Israeli blockade on Gaza, my first thought was how lucky those Gazans were. Landlocked and living on less than $2 a day, their plight rarely elicits
envy, I know. But there are Egyptian slums that swim in more sewage and are submerged in even greater poverty. In those slums, chronic diseases go unchecked and uncured, and children grow up next to the dead in tombs turned into makeshift housing. Yet nobody rushes to blast holes into the imaginary border of poverty that suffocates those slums nor are they sporting t-shirts urging us to sympathize.

Why? Because Israel cannot be blamed.


Let's see the comments there, the first one is:
"I like the way that sounds. It could be used for Revisionist-Zionist propaganda. Good stuff! I applaude Miss Eltahawy."

Basically this is a shill for Israel blog, and a reader is all gushy and excited that a particular piece from an Egyptian writer can be used to defend Israel's actions in Gaza and West Bank.

Similar to apologists for Stalin excusing that madman's mass murder of millions of people, because Hitler was even worse.

Amazing logic.

Boy, I sure am glad I put the BlogRush widget on my blog, to give a voice to racists and shills.

Perhaps some code needs to be snipped ASAP...

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Ann said...

Well, AG I am completely in agreement with you. The blogger and I have had a number of conversations on my own blog and I visited his to see what type of reasoning some ordinary Israelis are using -- very hasbara, it seems.

By the way, your blog is taking a long time to load and seems to hang for awhile, perhaps it could be some of the widgets? I opened it 3 times because it just froze.

Emmanuel said...

You misunderstood the point of the article I linked to (as did Eitan, the guy who wants to use the article as propaganda). I guess you haven't taken a look at the rest of my blog if you think I'm just an Israeli propagandist. Anyway, thanks for the free publicity. No publicity is bad publicity :)

Ann, is the use of the Hebrew word "hasbara" instead of propaganda supposed to be more offensive or something? I'd dare argue you follow the "Israel is always wrong" party line much more closely than I follow the Israeli party line (not that there is a single "party line" on either side, but you know what I mean).