Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello DIGG'ers! Welcome!

This is a quick heads up on how this particular blog works.

Take a look at the right hand side.

This is the philosophy of the blog:

Don't get bogged down on detail - always strive to see the big picture.

When in a forest, look at the trees, but also make sure you don't miss the forest all around you.

Look at the news and analyze WHY it's happening, not just HOW and WHEN.

If you like this philosophy, this is the blog for you as I analyze today's news and tell you what is behind the scenes, who the real players are and what are their motivations.

In simpler English, I cut thru the bullshit for you.

Scroll down a little, and on the right hand side you will see various categories, with My Favorite Posts (a catch all from all other categories), American Goy's Investigative Journalism (these are my investigations into how stuff works, from mutual funds to Why we Americans are so fat thru political topics).

Scroll down - there is the American Goy's Real History Series. This is history which is not taught in the American public schools. Topics range from the history of Texas thru Kosovo and WW2 history.

Scroll down a bit more and you come upon the American Goy's Contrarian View Series, which is my analysis of many topics - not as serious as my Investigative Journalism series, but hopefully you will find the logic behind my madness.

Finally, there is the American Goy's Essential Web Resources - these are simply links to other blogs which I use and some of whose writers I admire for their writing and gumption.

If I can be so bold as to pick an interesting topic for you, if you are an investor or wish to invest in the American stock market, may I humbly suggest: mutual funds and my take on the stock market. In those topics, I explain with multiple sources that back me up that mutual funds are basically a scam, and how the stock market works and how people REALLY make money off of it.

A topic dear to my heart is the power of ethnic lobbies in the USA and their immense effect on American government. Perhaps this post and included video is the most important thing you will ever see concerning American foreign policy. Scott Ritter, marine and UN arms inspector in Iraq, explains it beautifully. Also take a gander please at my analysis of Weiss' blog posts about this topic.

For those interested mostly in American local politics, may I suggest my explanation of what the **** are superdelegates that everybody on TV was talking about without explaining exactly what they really are.

Another issue dear to me is the food quality in the USA, and how genetically altered food has its own lobby and is making us, Americans, unhealthy. This was one of my first articles, explaining the WHY of American obesity epidemic.

If you read and are intrigued by books such as "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins and asked yourself "Where is the proof"? Well, right here, in my article on Bolivia and Iraq.

Hopefully, you like what you see and will dig into the blog, and not just stay for one article about the VERY obvious reason for Hillary's recent "surge" of wins in TX, OH anr RI states.

Anyway - welcome to the "World According to AmericanGoy".

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