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Iraq must recognize Israel - or else!

Via one of my favorite blogs, vineyard saker, this is a tragicomedy of the highest order.

Saker quotes an article from, The Jewish Daily.

Washington - To the many challenges facing the fledgling Iraqi government, Congress may soon add this: Recognize the State of Israel and establish diplomatic ties with Jerusalem, or else risk losing some of the billions in aid that Baghdad receives from the United States.

A nonbinding resolution demanding Iraqi recognition of Israel was introduced June 5 in the House of Representatives and has already gained the support of more than 60 congressmen, including several leaders of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Congressional involvement in establishing Iraqi-Israeli ties came about in large part through serendipity. Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Florida Democrat and a strong supporter of Israel, joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a visit last month to mark the country’s 60th anniversary. The congressional group left Israel for a day trip to Iraq, at the end of which it returned to Tel Aviv from Baghdad.

“As we got on the C-130 taking us back, we were advised we’d need to land in Amman, Jordan, touch down and then take off again to Israel,” Hastings told the Forward after returning to Washington.

The reason for the brief landing was diplomatic: Iraq, like most other Arab countries, does not allow direct flights to Israel.

“This offended me deeply,” Hastings said, adding that he had encountered a similar problem in the past, when traveling to Libya from Israel.

Upon returning to the United States, the Florida congressman drafted a resolution calling on Iraq to change its stance toward Israel, starting with official recognition of the Jewish state.

Yes, it is terrible.

It's like the Arab nations are boycotting Israel as if it was a pariah state, as if it had somehow mistreated their fellow Arabs.

Perish the thought - they simply hate us for our freedoms.

Let me categorically state that Israel does not mistreat Arabs - OK, some are shot, but those are isolated incidents, and they surely deserved it anyway, those Arabs!

And OK, sometimes, due to security concerns, it is necessary to kick 4000 people out of their houses in the Middle of the night, a la a scene in Schindler's list.

But again, they surely deserved it - it is for their own safety, anyway!

Also, no matter what the bigot and racist Jimmy Carter says in his neo nazi, racist, anti-semitic and evil book Peace Not Apartheid...

...Let me state categorically - there is no Apartheid in Israel - OK, there are Jews ONLY roads (with no Arabs allowed - or they are arrested), but just like in the 1960's American South - where we had whites only restrooms, sections of restaurants, buses, trains - those policies are justified by security concerns.

But it is all explained by Israeli security concerns - I personally don't see what the evil Arabs see that would make them boycott Israel.

There simply is no reason - simply put, those evil Arabs hate our freedoms... and, inexplicably, the wonderful democracy, the blooming flower of the desert, Israel.

We need to teach those Iraqis that Israel is our friend.

Indeed, this should be our number one priority in Iraq right now.

I am sure that will make Iraqis love us, Americans, even more than we are loved now by the local population.

Here is what the resolution is all about:
Although the United States has provided Iraq with almost $50 billion in security and economic assistance to date, none of which has been repaid, the government of Iraq refuses to recognize the existence of Israel, the most reliable ally of the United States in the Middle East region,” the introduced resolution states. The resolution also calls on the White House to “use its influence to persuade Iraq and other countries with which the United States has diplomatic relations to recognize the right of Israel to exist and to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.”

That's right!

The good, saintly Yoo Ess of Ey, gives Iraq $50 billion in aid (perhaps to rebuild their country after somebody destroyed it by bombing the beejesus out of it - I forget who it was...).

And after giving the Iraqis all this money...

Hell, after putting our soldiers in their nation to protect the poor, helpless Iraqis from that al Kaida (which was not in Iraq before we moved in, err, details, details).

The Iraqis are even too stupid to appreciate our selfless help...

Can you imagine how stupid they are, as when the Iraqis were polled in 2006, 71% wanted US troops out?!)

After all our help with our expensive bombs, and after all that our soldiers and our mercenari... err, contractors, did for their safety to protect them from the, errr, al Kaida, OK, maybe sometimes they are overzelous, and they may shoot any car that comes close, or perhaps just because they are bored.

After all that...

After all our selfless, honest to goodness help, those ingrates want us to leave!

In fact, do you know what the Iraqis call American soldiers?

They call our soldiers "the Jews".

As if somehow the situation where American soldiers lord it errr provide a helping hand to the Arabs in Iraq is somehow related to the situation where the Israelis lord it, errr, help out their Arab neighbors in need with their soldiers (again, the Palestinians never asked for this help from their Jewish neighbors, but Israel moved in 1948 and now shows them a kind heart, a smile and a friendly hand (in this instance holding a rock).

So, to sum up, Iraqis call American soldiers "the Jews", they are stupid because we give them our soldiers for their own security and benefit, and we give them money, and they don't even want to recognize "the most reliable ally of the United States in the Middle East region".

How dare they!

After all we have done for them!

How... dare they! (I am shaking in rigthous anger now).

Obviously, these people need a firmer hand to deal with them.

While the current resolution is nonbinding, Hastings said he also would consider “more substantive” measures if Iraq does not change its approach to Israel. Such measures, he said, could include attaching the demand for recognition and diplomatic ties to one of the major funding bills.

And so the (as of yet nonbinding) resolution is gently asking Iraq to recognize Israel as their friend - or else we, the Yoo Ess Ey, will not give them our money to rebuild their country (after somebody, I forget now who, destroyed it a few years ago).

“Right is right and wrong is wrong,” the Florida congressman (Hastings -AG) said. “And this is just not right.”


We need to be a more stern father to the Iraqi nation. After all, Iraq was just reborn - according to Condoleezza Rice What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East and whatever we do we have to be certain that we're pushing forward to the new Middle East not going back to the old one. .

And now Iraq has basically turned into a brat.

Lets get a belt out of the clothes closet and beat that brat, then.

Sometimes kids must be punished, I guess.

No extra allowance money for you Iraq - until you play nice with our greatest friend in the world, Israel.

I am happy that this nonbinding resolution, which even Israel does not want, is enthusiastically passed by our American Congress people.

Our American politicians are so obsequious, so servile, so willing to lick the pro Israel Lobby hand that gives them shekels (which first are American dollars passed to Israel as "aid" and "loan" money, and then a small % of this "aid" and "loan" money is paid as bribes errr "friendship" money to our politicians), that they joyfully and without thinking pass this and any other pro-Israel resolution.

It's good that our American politicians have their priorities straight in Iraq!

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We aren't even willing to face the fact that Israel spies on us unabashedly.

Best article you will ever read (and the most comprehensive) on the subject of Israeli spying on the US, and even our congressional phone system is here:

that article is starts at the top.....with whoever "mega" is.