Monday, August 11, 2008

USA calls for strong action against Poland for attacking Nazi Germany...

War in Ossetia, Day 1:

So, lets do a quick recap.

There is a separate ethnic group (thanks to reader turkey for pointing this out and my working at a library here doing a half assed job on my article...) in Georgia, specifically located in the South Ossetia region.

This group broke off from Georgia and achieved independence in 1992.

This has rankled the Georgians as historically they were lording it over the minorities such as the Ossetians and doing their best to be the imperialists... before the big dog on the block, Russia, came in and took them over.

Russia, trying to salvage it's position (Russia is no longer treated by America as a superpower or indeed even a regional power, as the naked oil grab in Georgia and other ex Soviet republics cum independent countries demonstrates), struck back with it's military.

And in this case, they are the (surprise!) good guys.

Georgian military grand offensive main aim was to ethnically cleanse the Ossetians from what it considers its territory, and to that end they bombarded civilian targets (villages, towns, cities - even the capital city) to scare the Ossetians into leaving - preferably into Russia, but it's not like Georgian government cares what happens to these people as long as they save face by reclaiming Ossetia.

Russians struck back hard with airplanes, tanks, airborne troops and whatever was available at the border.

Georgia is a future NATO member. One must now notice that NATO has turned from a defensive organization, with a charter to protect it's Western European members from a possible Soviet aggression in 1940's to 1980's, into an offensive organization, which aim is to surround Russia and prop up the ex Soviet republics, who are for obvious (historical) reasons afraid of Russia and its interference into their affairs, pro Western (effectively pro USA and it's neocon lobby).

To understand what role NATO plays now in the world, one must understand that the anti missile shield being installed in the Czech republic and (they hit a snag there, natch!) in Poland is placed there not against Iranian missiles (a quick look at any map will prove this point) but against (drumroll!) Russia (well, duhhhhh!).

Got that?

NATO is now an American (and neocon) pawn in a global game of "lets grab the world's natural resources!".

It got to the point that Russia is perceived as so weak, that a local idiot ruler, the Georgian president, felt brazen enough to start bombing Ossetian civilians to make them flee for their lives (shades of Yugoslavia, where the USA supported the Serbs, riiiiiiiiiiight?) during the cover of the Olympics, when the world's attention was focused on freaks of nature competing with each other in various strange and useless disciplines.

And Georgia struck at Ossetia despite Russia having made it clear that the Ossetian de facto country is protected by them.

So, summing up the summing up, Georgia tried to ethnically cleanse Ossetia and Russians intervened to save those poor people.

So what is the US response?

AFP off Yahoo news:
McCain accuses Russia of bidding to wipe out Georgia

No shit?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Republican White House hopeful John McCain said Monday Russia appears bent on extinguishing Georgia's independence as he demanded a united Western front to protect the former Soviet republic.

The United States should dispatch "immediate economic and humanitarian assistance to help mitigate the impact the invasion has had on the people of Georgia," McCain said in a statement he read to reporters in Pennsylvania

Wait, wait.

Who was invading whom here?

I know that Americans have no clue where Ossetia is, or even what NATO is, or even what city did Obama make his political career in, but come on!

Is McCain this senile and old?

McCain says Russia faces severe fallout over Georgia.

ERIE, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - U.S. presidential candidate John McCain, flashing his foreign policy credentials while rival Barack Obama is on vacation, warned Russia on Monday of severe, long-term consequences from its conflict with Georgia.

My, Russia must face severe consequences for its actions in Georgia.

The Republican senator from Arizona, who has made international issues the centerpiece of his campaign for the November 4 election, offered a lengthy discourse on the crisis in the Caucasus for reporters and cameras.

He said Russia appeared intent on toppling Georgia's pro-Western government rather than returning to the status quo in South Ossetia, which Tbilisi is trying to keep from breaking away.

So, in McCain's version of events, the Russians are the aggressors.

Why the hell did the Russians have to barge into Ossetia - couldn't they let the pro-Western Georgians kill those Ossetian women and children in peace?

"Russian President (Dmitry) Medvedev and Prime Minister (Vladimir) Putin must understand the severe, long-term negative consequences that their government's actions will have for Russia's relationship with the U.S. and Europe," McCain said.

Interestingly, there shall be no consequences for Georgia.

They are apparently the good guys.

Like the Kosovo Liberation Army, otherwise known as al Kaida front in Europe.

He urged NATO's North Atlantic Council to convene an emergency session to demand a ceasefire and begin discussions on both the deployment of an international peacekeeping force to South Ossetia and the implications for NATO's future relationship with Russia.

Hmmm, how did the last NATO and pro Western peacekeeping force do in a previous conflict?

The word Kosovo spring to mind. If I remember correctly, the peacekeepers magnaminously granted Kosovo independence from Serbia (even though Kosovo was ALWAYS a part of Serbia, from around XIIth Century or so) and the grateful Kosovars magnaminously granted the USArmy one of it's biggest bases in Europe.

Color me cynical re: Western peacekeepers.

And what did the decider say?
Reuters: Bush tells Russia to reverse course in Georgia.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush pressed Russia on Monday to end its military action in Georgia, warning a "dramatic and brutal escalation" of Moscow's push into the smaller country would jeopardize its relations with the West.

Meanwhile, Georgia attacking civilian targets such as towns, villages etc will not, repeat NOT, damage its relations with the West.

"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," Bush told reporters at the White House.


Um, wait. Let me rub my eyes for a second.

There is only so much bullshit I can take, and it is rising above my head in this case.

The crisis began Thursday when Georgia sent forces to retake South Ossetia, a pro-Russian area that broke from Georgia in the 1990s. Moscow, which supports South Ossetia's independence, responded by sending its troops into Georgia.

Bush cited reports that Russian troops had moved beyond the separatist areas and into Georgia proper.

"I am deeply concerned by reports that Russian troops have moved beyond the zone of conflict, attacked the Georgian town of Gori and are threatening Georgia's capital of Tbilisi," he said after returning from a trip to China for the Olympics.

At least the Reuters article states the facts of the conflict correctly, despite the retard boy president's spin.

So, in comparison, in WW2, do you remember the USA chastising Russia for moving its troops "beyond the zone of conflict" and into Nazi Germany proper?

Absurd much, America?

Well, I guess when there is oil at stake, and to fuck with Russia, all is fair...

There ARE American troops in Georgia - advisors training the Georgian Army to make it ready to enter into NATO. I am still looking for an iron clad confirmation of Israeli advisors in Georgia.

So far I only have this:
Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia - DEBKAfile Exclusive Report.

The hit counter seems wrong - if I remember correctly, I was closing in on 300,000 hits. Now I am at a measly 140K. Consider me miffed.


Anonymous said...

Probably the only rational comment on the net.
I guess Israel is getting some payback for Russia's involvement with the Hezzies. I can't wait to see what toys the Russies give them next.........

Anonymous said...

Heh. And you can guess what we have here, in Poland -- big anti-russian movement.

"Now we'll show Russia what we're made of! Ha!"

Not that I'm big fan of Putin's Russia, but we could at least look at facts. I know that's unpopular.

kozeol said...

Nice post, AG!

2 anonymous: it is not surprising about Poland. Polish people, being of slavic origin always submit to German teutons. There was a time when Poland and Russia waged wars on each other. And now, they are more germanized slavics, under NATO. And they hate their ancestry ties - the Russians.

Look at Srbija (Serbia) - nothing like Poland.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for clearing this up for me! I was leaning over to the side of the russians after reading various articles on the net but after seeing a video posted by a russian citizen on youtube it confirmed my suspicions. I'm just wondering if US/NATO soldiers will be actively deployed in Georgia should it obtain membership in NATO.....Maybe this is WW3........

Anonymous said...

The ethnic cleansing plan is almost certain, because otherwise the Georgians would have sabotaged the Roki tunnel (the natural Ossetian escape route), which would have prevented Russian reinforcements for days and forced them to travel through the interior of Georgia via Abkhazia to get tanks to Ossetia.

Anonymous said...

First, I don't care about NATO or US-neocon's.

Russia is adding oil to South-Ossetian fire since 2003, after Georgia tear down Moscow-puppeted goverment. Known as "Rose-revolution". After 2003 South-Ossetian militia gets in his hands heavy artillery and rockets, all brand new and made in Russia. South-Ossetia doesn't have any official income or any other economics turnover. With worldmarket prices they can afford only second-hand AK47's. How come they can buy this kind of equipment? From 2004 to last week, there are unnumbered different calibred fire from "unknown militia" to Georgian villages and outposts. How long to you think Mexican army can shoot to Texas before they are turned to small pieces of something? All the shooting was secured by russian "peacekeepers" who dosn't give a shit about Georgian borderguard or law-enforsement.

South-Ossetia is officially part of Georgia so Georgian assault on "South-Ossetian militia" was Georgian internal problem and Russia attacked full-scale war on other countrys police operation. BTW Russian actions in Tsetshenia was nobody's business by official Kreml words. Probably it was done only to eliminate Georgias will to end ex-Soviet era and make new head-of-state to look-like-a-man.

Welcome to methods by ex-KGB.

Anonymous said...

The US must have given Georgia the nod for their attack. What I can't work out is the gameplan.

Why do our masters keep telling us that this and all other ethnic squables are different to Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

This is Soviet Russian style strong arm tactics. Georgia is on their southern flank and controlled the pipeline through their country.

The Russkis didn't like it and had many new Russian ehtnic people move into S. Ossetia to have a cause so they can move in troops to 'protect the ethnic Russians.' Russia has more troops and strong military, Georgia could only chafe. The oil pipeline is mainly through Ossetia, so Russia had their hand on Europe's throat by controlling this pipeline.

It is historically (hundreds of years) Georgian territory, but Russians are trying to retake it, and NATO shows itself as a paper tiger.