Sunday, September 14, 2008

Both the right and the left get it - why don't YOU?

Remember my shameful copy and paste of O, Bomb It On The Mountain by Dennis Perrin?

The chief and most annoying feature about Obama's nomination is how white liberals can't stop congratulating themselves for supporting an African-American for president. Even my pal Jon Schwarz got sucked in. "Good job, America!" Yeesh. That's your brain on an Ivy League education.

The other prominent, disgusting aspect about last night's event was CNN continually reminding us that Obama was accepting the Dem nomination 45 years to the day of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech. Other than skin color, I really can't see much resemblance between the two. Obama the community activist is long dead. The guy is one step away from managing an aggressive empire. Not quite what King had in mind, I'm guessing.

See, some of the people on the right get it.

I am proud to say, there are some on the left who do too.

Surge Protectors: Obama Embraces Bush-McCain Spin on Iraq by Chris Floyd:

Barack Obama has now declared -- on Fox News, no less -- that George W. Bush's escalation of the flagrant war crime in Iraq has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams." He also proclaimed his "absolute" belief in the "War on Terror," and pledged, once again, "never to take a military option off the table" (not even the nuclear option) against the "major threat" of Iran.

In short, he continued his relentless campaign to purge himself of any of that weak-sister "anti-war" taint that got attached to him in the early days of his campaign -- which was, of course, responsible for his phenomenal rise in the first place. He rode that wave to national prominence -- trading on the desperate hopes of millions of Americans that the ungodly criminal nightmare in Iraq might finally end -- but it was obvious long ago that he was never going to dance with the ones that brung him. Once it was clear that he might really make it all the way to the top of the greasy pole, he began a dogged campaign to prove to our ruling elite that he would be a "safe pair of hands" for the imperial enterprise.

There are writers and intellectuals on both sides of the political spectrum ("Hey, you, American! There is nothing wrong with being smart, but there is with you being such a dumbass!") and, if you include me, the middle of the scale, who get it.

This "democracy", this circus show for the avid idiots, who wear silly hats and attend conventions and call door to door and feel oh so useful and important and think, nay, know that they matter.


You don't matter shit.

The powers that be steer and guide the media coverage, declaring candidates such as Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, hell, even more mainstream Al Gore as fringe candidates, as "crazies", as someone beyond contempt, to be laughed at and sneered at. Their crime - why, those fringe candidates, those crazies, those loonies - they are all guilty of the same thing. They want America out of Iraq.

Why, that's just an insane position for an American politician, ain't it?

The powers that be pump money into candidates, into political parties, attend lunches with "wink wink nudge nudge" agreements on all kinds of issues, and then a coke and whores party in the evening.

This whole circus on TV, this ultimate "reality TV" show for idiots, is beyond laughable. And the people who buy into this bullshit are beneath my contempt.

"But AG, why are you so cynical, there are differences between the parties!?"


Like what?

Oh, they shuuuuuure talk different - the Republicans pander to the dumbasses, the people with the GED or below edukashon, whose idea of France is what they saw on a Simpsons episode, and who never moved out of their 10,000 people town to even see the godless, evil libruls in the big city that is.... 30 miles away.

The Democrats pander to the more erudite, the more nuanced crowd, the American university or European High School level education crowd.

But so what?

Show me actions, man - politicians are supposed to smooth talk and do it well (the Republicans are an exception - verily, the only political party of the world that panders to idiots).


You want proof?

Remember the last election, the one that swept the Democrats into the Congress?

Oh, forgot about that already, didn't yah?

Try to remember - didn't YOU, Mr. American liberal, vote for Democrats - ANY Democrat that you could vote for - because the understanding was that we would get out of Iraq?


And how did that go for you, Mr. American Liberal, Mr. Proud to be a Democrat?

Still there, aren't we, dipshit?

And now YOU will vote for the annointed one, Obama, because you understand, through his speeches which are about absolutely nothing, yet you think you are smart enough to catch the nuances, the hidden meaning that, yes, he will get us out of Iraq - soon?

Say, American Liberal - I have a bridge I can sell you... in Brooklyn.

Maybe the "neonazi" (sorry - neocon, I get the two mixed up) propaganda hosts on American talk radio ("All pro Republican, Democrats are evil commie hippie scum who need to be shot programming on Clear Channel, 24 hours a day!") are right...

Maybe you are a libtard...

I will probably vote for Obama anyway. At least this guy is
a) coherent
b) not senile and
c) reads books, instead of trying to ban them

Since we are going to bomb Iran anyway, and threaten a new Cold War with Russia to defend Georgia's right to murder women and children, might as well have an ersatz intellectual at the helm...

Note to my readers
I have offended everyone. I have offended libertarians, the right wing, the left wing, and everything in between. I call them how I see them, and it is so far not a pretty picture for America. If you can't take the heat - go back to your party HQ, go wear a silly hat and buttons and cheer on your favorite bought and paid for candidate. Go back to your right wing or left wing pro Republican or pro Democrat blog and stay dumb.

Your choice.

Me... I am passionate about my views, and my blog is about putting America and us, Americans, first.

Unlike our politicians...


ThePoliticalCat said...

Hi, AmericanGoy,

This is a good piece. You're an impassioned writer. Unfortunately, I am unable to Digg this because — while I agree with you — I do NOT want McCain and Palin in the WH. Therefore I must do everything I can to get Obama in.

I would have preferred Kucinich or McKinney, but they don't have a prayer. I figure Obama is more likely to listen to the people than McCain, who will simply ignore us.

I hope you understand. Thanks.

AmericanGoy said...

Read my disclaimer - added now.

I felt dirty writing it...

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that we have to settle for Obama.

I hate all of the comment's in most of the political stories on Digg, where all of the Obamabots, who believe that he is the messiah while verbally wanking him spout off about how Palin is an whorebag automaton that's incompetent, and McCain is a flip-flopping tyrant. Meanwhile Obama shits daisies and farts potpourri!... too much ignorance and apathy is a recipe for fascism... I'm worried.

Hooray! For 8 more years of the same!

Enjoy your 'black' flavoured warmonger!

there needs to be a cartoon called:

Terrormon!(ala Pokemon!)
- Gotta catch 'em all!

qwerty said...

Vote your conscience! Vote third party. The only "wasted" vote is voting for one of the two "mainstream" candidates. Here's Ron Paul explaining why.