Thursday, November 6, 2008

Israeli media - "Our man in the White House!"

Via my friend's vineyard saker's blog.

AFP (Agence France Presse):

Israel's press hailed Obama's victory as well as his choice of Rahm Emanuel, who's father is a former ultra-nationalist Israeli militant, to be his chief of staff as putting "our man in the White House."

Lets repeat this for emphasis.

"Israel's press hailed Obama's victory as well as his choice of Rahm Emanuel, who's father is a former ultra-nationalist Israeli militant, to be his chief of staff as putting "our man in the White House.""

All clear now about Obama's message of 'Hope' and 'Change' to Arabs and Palestinians?

All clear now about what foreign policy America will pursue in the Middle East?

All clear now that we will NOT withdraw from Iraq during the next four years?

Pardon me while I choke.

I am not crying - just disappointed, that's all.

This betrayal of everything liberal democrats stand for - indeed, this treasonous appointment - comes too soon. Just mere hours after Obama's win in the presidential election (that is his style however - in my previous article, I informed you that 12 hours after winning democratic nomination Mr. Obama went to AIPAC where he became a hard core Zionist. Washington Post article quoted as source).

The Jerusalem Post said in an editorial: "Those in our part of the world dedicated to rejectionism, violence and terrror will soon discover anew that the relationship between Washington and Jerusalem is above partisanship."

Translation - neocons are not Republicans. Pro Israel politicians and business and media leaders are not inimical to one party or the other - they will work with both.

Simpler translation - it doesn't matter whom you elect America - the candidates are kept on a tight leash regardless.

Our sacred relationship to Israeli - with America playing the role of the whore, with Israel playing the role of a smooth talking pimp - will stay on and be even stronger under Mr. Obama.

"Our man in the White House" - indeed.

Bonus Material

LATimes: Ari Emanuel's brother has clout too:

And so the winner is? Endeavor. The aggressive, A-list Hollywood talent agency has always been well connected, but things just got a lot better.

Agency founder Ari Emanuel now has the home and cellphone numbers of one of the country's most important political power brokers. His brother, Rahm Emanuel, the Illinois congressman and former Clinton White House staffer, on Thursday accepted President-elect Barack Obama's offer to become his chief of staff.

"The Emanuels are a close-knit family. And now you have two brothers at the apex of two of the most powerful industries in the world. Don't kid yourself that other agencies have access too. But blood is thicker than water."

The Emanuel brothers are at the top of two of the most powerful industries of the world.

The United States government and American media empire.

Rahm is a famously abrasive figure who once boxed up a dead fish and mailed it to a political opponent. He also has a vocabulary that wouldn't fly even on "South Park." But he also has the political smarts to have vaulted over far more senior colleagues to chair the House Democratic Caucus and serve in the Clinton White House as a senior advisor

He has the smarts?

I think the word we are looking for here is connections.

Behind the scenes shenanigans.

If you care to read my previous article, Rahm Emanuel became the all powerful democrat after (supposedly) being a humble carpenter on an Israeli army base, hammering nails onto roofs.

(This is beyond satire at this point - this is real life, American style).

and he's [Rahm Emanuel] considered a centrist, able to talk to the more liberal and moderate wings of the party.

A centrist?

From my last article, we learned that he is pro Iraq war 2, pro Iraq occupation, an extreme Israeli patriot (not an American patriot), that he became the most powerful democrat under Clinton and then proceeded to only support pro war democratic candidates - so, in short, the man is a neocon (an American citizen who puts Israeli interests first, over and above any concerns for his home country, the United States).

Ari -- model for the caustic agent Ari Gold in the HBO series "Entourage" -- has a reputation similar to his brother's, but he wears better suits and has a phone with everyone in Hollywood you'd want to know on speed dial.

It should make for quite a combination, and you could scalp tickets to the Emanuel family Thanksgiving -- and given the way Hollywood works, somebody probably will try.

Yes, it is quite a combination.


Anonymous said...

Im sure this is bitter water for some on the left.

The media run this country Goy, and who runs the media can make or break a candidate. If the media so chose, they could wreck and Obama presidency, and he knows it. The Bilderberg meeting Obama attended was probably when Emmanuel was chosen to head his staff months ago. I imagine he's known it all this time.

GE runs NBC----that would be Rockefeller

Eisner runs DIsney

Moonves is head at CBS, which is owned by Redstone

Murdoch owns Fox

Public Television? Gimme a break.....

Our newspaper syndicated columnists who are presented to us as conservatives like Adelman, Charen, Brooks, Frum, Goldberg, Krauthammer, et cetera are all neocons. Our newspapers are primarily syndicate papers who use "syndicated columnists" from the NYTimes and WaPo.

Affirmitave Action should be applied to the MEDIA from the ownership, producer, director levels on down to anchorpersons, columnists, editors, and reporters. This would mean that each group should be proportionately represented. That would be 13% black, about the same hispanic, and about 3% Asian, and 3% Jewish. The rest would be white. Dont hold your breath. You'd probably, for the first time, get balanced foreign policy coverage from the middle-east. This will never happen, but if Obama has the nerve he advertises, and is the reformer he claims to be, he'd push for it. These are plum jobs that MANY would like to have. We have to hire at my company along these lines, although corporate headquarters is almost lilly-white (because they paw off the minority hires on us and we have to make jobs for them, but that is another story).

Anonymous said...

Your observations have opened my world view and I am very indebted. I humbly admit your intelligence and observations are far superior to anything my feeble mind can conjure.

All your observations about the Jew is true; fascist, racist, self interested, manipulative, violent, deceptive, propagandists etc.

Is it possible that a higher cabal, aware of their abominable nature are allowing the manipulation in order to achieve certain ends. Or does the buck stop with them and they are the cabal itself.

Paulson's bailout seems to show it might take two to tango.

Just interested in your opinion. Thanks.