Sunday, November 9, 2008

What is a neocon? What is a conservative? What is America?

I think that an explanation is in order, in case some confusion arises.

This only applies to the term as it is used in the USofA.

Neocon: a person who takes the interests of Israel over those of America; it is a person for whom Israel takes precedence over his/her own country that he/she was born in; a person for whom the interests of Israel trump any other policy considerations, foreign and domestic.

Now, please notice that there is no mention of neocons being either republicans or democrats. The most important point to make about neocons is this one: for them, the interests of Israel trump any other considerations. Full stop. Keep it simple.

The original neocons were Jews who left the democratic and switched sides to become the new wave of the republican party. Funny enough, they kept their beliefs re: globalism, big government, foreign wars (especially if they benefit the state of Israel).

I think I should digress here about the fascinating (to me, at least) evolution of the word "conservative".

You see, I consider myself a conservative in many areas: fiscal policy, foreign non intervention policy, personal freedoms being the biggies.

Since the republican party was hijacked by the neocons, the so called "conservatives" in the republican party seem to have switched their beliefs incredibly quickly.

In Yoo Ess of Ey, "conservatives" (so called) now are for a bloated, all powerful government, with the powers to spy over your every move, every telephone call, every email you send; "conservatives" (so called) are now cheerleaders for foreign wars whose chief goals are to be nation building - i.e. a social change of a society into another, more "democratic" (read - more pliable to American big business will, whose governments main function is to keep signing their country's natural resources to the American corporations); "conservatives" (so called) are now for massive government payments to hedge funds and investment "banks", with no regulations or rules attached to these welfare payments - "here, just take this money - a trillion dollars for you; enjoy!".

These are conservatives?

Foreign wars to change the world to make it in our image, huge bloated government that has the power to spy on each and every citizen and then has the power of arrest without proof, the power to torture a prisoner...

These are conservatives?

What I just described here are methods that communists use.

Simple definition again - the only difference between communism and fascism is that a fascist nation, being less politically correct, when invading a country and stealing its natural resources and making said country's citizens big business wage slaves, has no pretense of its goals - which is stealing, the old pillage and the 19th Century idea of a colony to be exploited and whose people make up the servant class of an empire. A fascist nation is upfront about it.

A communist nation, with its bloated huge government, with its elite ruling class who reach their positions not by merit but by political connections, with its secret police spying on its own citizens, its extra judicial courts who do not use the country's own laws and regulations, its torture prisons, its gulags with slave labor, when invading another country tries to hide its actions as "nation building", as making the invaded country "better", because the communist country's motives are pure and good, and they want to make the world a better place for others (whether others want to be helped or not).

So, by this definition, what is America under the "conservative" republican party?

Mark the boxes with an 'X' if it applies to America.

Huge, bloated government? [ ]

Elite that is in power not on merit but by having connections (hint - take a look at Congress incumbency rate of over 90%, take a look at the Clinton, Bush, Jackson, Daley political dynasties and tell me we have no ruling class)? [ ]

Secret police spying on citizens? (Patriot Act, FISA) [ ]

Courts that do not use nation's laws to convict? (Guantanamo's inmates for life, placed there by courts which have nothing to do with actual American law) [ ]

Torture prisons (Abu Ghraib, secret CIA prisons around the world) [ ]

Prisons with slave labor (yes, prisoners in America work, just like prisoners in China do) [ ]

Invading other countries to make them in our image - so called "nation building"? [ ]

Scratch your head?

How many boxes did you check?

And these are the "conservatives" in the American government - well, the neocon conservatives...

With Mr. Obama's win, and democrats picking yet more seats in Congress, people expect the USofA to withdraw from Iraq, to stop the Patriot Act abuses, the secret prisons, the torture, etc etc.

But what is the most important point one can make about neocons?
Let me repeat it: "The most important point to make about neocons is this one: for them, the interests of Israel trump any other considerations. Full stop. Keep it simple."

I like to use truisms in my blogging ("Can't spot the forest for the trees", etc).

Lets use another one: "Actions speak louder than words" (or, another version - "Show me the moooooooooney!").

We are all gaga over Mr. Obama because he speaks very well - he is a good orator, a superb public speaker - he does not make mistakes when using his native language...

Which, if you think long and hard, is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM we should demand from our politicians, at any level of the government - president, Congress, city and even a Wasilia, Alaska governor.

That this most powerful country in the world was (still is) led (ostensibly) by a clearly retarded man with a speech impediment is still one of the most bizarre things that have happened in the modern times.

So, what was Mr. Obama's second action (the first was picking Mr. Biden as his VP).

He chose Mr. Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff - his consigliere, if you will.

Mr. Emanuel's father was in IRGUN, he himself served in the Israeli Army during the 1991 Gulf war, and he, when put in charge of doling out money for democratic races, only supported the democrats who were pro Iraq War 2.

So - this man is what?

- a republican masquerading as a democrat [ ]
- a conservative democrat [ ]
- a liberal democrat [ ]
- none of the above - the only thing that matters to this man is the interest of Israel - he is a neocon [ ]

Obama people, the young, idealistic supporters of "change" and "hope", were sucked in in a very, very well organized mass movement, with organizers (young, energetic, intelligent) in virtually every city, town and village, working tirelessly, ceaselessly, to elect the man to change America.

So what happened?

Is Mr. Biden - the ultimate career politician, the ultimate sleazy insider - is he the hope and change that you (and I) are looking for?

Oh, and the man is a zionist also:

Joe Biden: "I am a zionist - you don't have to be a Jew to be a zionist", followed by the interviewer patting Joe on the shoulder - goooooood boy, here's a bone for you - the VP position.

Is Rahm Emanuel, the other zionist in Obama's team, hope and change that you are looking for?

I hope that you, as an Obama supporter, in a year or two, as more American soldiers die in Iraq, as Iran is bombed by the USAirForce, as big banking business gets more bailout moneys and tax breaks, will (perhaps? maybe? please, big papa in the sky, let me be right?) step back and take a long, hard look at ACTIONS, not WORDS.

I hope that you will research these issues (after all, most Americans have no clue what a zionist is, nor what AIPAC is); I hope that you will use google and take the time to educate yourself.

And start to think for yourself.

("I was in the crowd watching Obama, and we were all chanting in unison, thousands of people doing the same thing - it was cool!" - Obama local townie organizer).

Right now you, the Obama supporter, are basking in the glorious victory, going to bars and openly talking about how great everything will be and how this country has changed, and that everything will be all right.

But in a year or two, when nothing changes, please - start that long, hard look, by googling "Rahm Emanuel" and "Israel", then add "IRGUN", and finally add "NEOCON" to your internet search. Then move on to "AIPAC", "USA UN Israel votes" and then... you will be on your way.

Closing Thought
We live in a bizarro, upside down world, where left is right and right is left, and they are all the same mirror image of the other, with different speechwriters to keep the dumb herd entertained and give off an illusion of choice.

Both parties, both McCain and Obama have voted the same on every issue of consequence - Patriot Act, FISA, Bailout.

Yes, there are small differences - the ruling elites pick insignificant, so called "wedge issues", such as abortion, or gay marriage (yes, in the grand scheme of things, gay marriage is a non issue except for its symbolism).

But on national security issues, on foreign wars, on helping out big business with our tax money, - on issues of CONSEQUENCE - there are no differences.

So, Obama supporters - I admire your effort, I admire your enthusiasm, I admire your spirit.

Now, it is time to become cynical bastards and hold Mr. Obama acountable.

(Lets start with the neocons in his administration, and go from there).


Anonymous said...

Spot on. I found your article through Digg. Check out this article on our blog; I think you'd be interested:

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Zionists are congruent with One World Government?

Gordon Brown has called for a "Truly Global Society."

This is getting out of control.

Anonymous said...

Excellent fucking post! You can't repeat it often enough: "neocon==Israel-first==screw America."

spantalk said...

So if you had a choice between John or Barak and you had to choose one whom would you choose? If you had a choice between two factions or governments and you were the President whom would you choose Arab or Jew?

AmericanGoy said...

"So if you had a choice between John or Barak and you had to choose one whom would you choose?"

Whoever I deemed best for my country.

"If you had a choice between two factions or governments and you were the President whom would you choose Arab or Jew?"

Probably neither, although I would favor the Arabs because they have oil, while Israel has nothing we need.

Anonymous said...

AmGoy- You predicted this a while back and I guess here it proof if it coming to pass. Below is a link to a Wall Street Journal story about AmEx asking the fedgove for $3.5 billion because, like the housing morgage business, they sold credit cards to people who really could not pay any more than the monthly min and now thay have defaulted 100% on thier accounts. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for the bloodsucking credit card companies, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and it's really been an eye opener. Keep up the good work!