Sunday, July 29, 2012

The absolute domination of Israeli cause in American politics

The circus known as the campaign for American presidency is in full swing, with the two hopefuls for the prominent figurehead-in-chief position.

The two men are in the process of campaigning by visiting and pandering in the most important states which will decide the election.

The most important state for the American presidential election is, of course, Israel.

The above picture is a recent one of Mr. Romney abasing himself before his masters in the so called "holy land". Please note the wearing of yarmulke, the funny hat that Jewish men wear to signify that they are Jews.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Romney wearing a Jewish religious symbol (for what reason, exactly?) is in the long line of tradition of American politicians who visit Israel.

And not just American politicians either.

Please go to my old post here, but don't read it (perish the thought!), but rather scroll down to the pictures.

Surprising, isn't it?

It's as if the Jews are running the world and the world leaders come on a hajj to abase themselves before their masters (gods)... isn't it?

In case you still don't get it, do American (or non-American) politicians wear any piece of a local nation's costume (especially religious costume) when they visit another country?

When going to Armenia, do they wear Armenian national folk dress to honour the Armenian Genocide victims?

When they visit Ukraine, do they put on Ukrainian folk costumes to honur the Holodomor genocide?

When they visit Poland... do they even honour the Polish victims of the Nazi-Soviet occupation?

What about Rwanda which experienced a horrendous genocide campaign very recently?

Apart from the wearing of the yarmulke, Mr. Romney stated that he would support Israeli strike on Iran (Guardian, 29 July 2012 ), and that Jerusalem is Israel's capital (which is not recognized by any country as such) and that he would move the American embassy there (Politicalticker from CNN, July 29th, 2012).

Mr. Obama has not remained behind, and while Mr. Romney has been limited to symbolic gestures, Mr. Obama (and/or his advisers) has realized the old adage of "what did you do for me lately?" counts for a lot in politics and the people who choose them.

Reuters, Jul 28, 2012:

President Barack Obama signed a bill on Friday to strengthen U.S.-Israeli military ties as he sought to reassure American Jewish voters of his commitment to the two countries' close alliance on the eve of a visit to Israel by his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

Obama used a White House ceremony to announce the United States would soon provide Israel with an additional $70 million in funding for its short-range rocket shield known as "Iron Dome," a project strongly backed by the powerful U.S. pro-Israel lobby.

As Obama signed the bill at his desk in the Oval Office, he said it underscored his administration's "unshakeable commitment" to Israel's security. Congress passed the legislation last week with broad support from Republicans and Obama's Democrats.

If there is one thing that both American parties representing American interests can agree on 110% it is Israel's security - for example, defending the inviolate (and undefined - CBSnews) sacred borders.

In fact, American politicians almost trip over each other to show who can adore Israel and its leaders the most.

Witness this adulation,

Adulation of Bibi (watch the videos!)

where Bibi Netanyahoo received standing ovations to EVERYTHING he said... Compare it to the Stalin speech and the (surprise!) standing ovations to everything HE said...

During the Stalin era the party members knew that if they did not clap hard enough, they would at the least be tortured and then shot (perhaps their families also).

Why are American politicians behaving the same way?

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