Monday, July 30, 2012

More fun and games: a terrorist drill was running concurrently during Breivik's attack

Thanks to an informed reader, I had my mind blown (not literally).

Remember Fun and Games, where I wrote that in all the major terrorist incidents there were "games" being run that simulated the exact same happenings as they were unfolding?

Remember the "lone right wing nut" Breivik terror which was unleashed in Norway, with a bomb going off in Oslo near a government building (which killed eight) and then the lone gunman attacking and massacring the young adults and kids at a Young Labor Party on the island of Utoya?

There was a terrorist incident drill happening just before the incident began (surprise!).

Aftenposten (translated by google from Norsk):

The four days in advance, and also the same Friday that the attack was carried out, trained police emergency squad to an ongoing terrorist campaign that was approximately equal to the situation hours later encountered the 22 police officers in the emergency squad on Utøya.

Aftenposten has received confirmation from key sources in the management of the Oslo police that the exercise was terminated at 15 the same Fridays.

Lets go to the Guardian timeline:

Just after 3.20pm in downtown Oslo a huge explosion rocked government buildings and the offices of Norway’s biggest tabloid newspaper, VG.

The exercise ended at 15:00 (3PM), the actual incident began at 15:20 (3:20PM).


All officers from the emergency squad that participated in its ministries by car bomb and later came ashore at Utøya and arrested Behring Anders Breivik, had earlier that day and in the days ahead participated in training in a very similar scenario.

The officers have finished training on dealing with an terrorist incident literally minutes ago (twenty minutes, to be exact) and they were mobilized and ready and recently trained (!!! recently !!!) to deal with this situation.

Now, the pattern of such exercises I profiled before was that they simulated the exact same or as close as possible the actual events during an incident.


The training shall thereafter Aftenposten know, have gone straight into the met police Tyrifjorden the same day: a mobile terrorist attacks in which one or more perpetrators only goal is to shoot as many people as possible and then shoot the police when they arrive.

- It was very close to the answer key. Chance would have it that way, says a key police source, who will not quoted by name.

Eerie coincidence, that's what it is... right?

Again and again and again and again and...

Original article in Norsk is here.


Anonymous said...


Do you have an opinion on why this pattern is so common?

Anonymous said...

Do you have an opinion on why this pattern is so common?

Because the "terrorist attacks" aren't being done by "terrorists" after all. They are false flags done to demonize the alleged perpetrators, and/or to be able to take out a target while pinning the blame on someone else.

Drills are used as a pretext for setting up the attacks. You can get away with a lot of activity that would otherwise arouse suspicion if you just claim you are doing it as part of a drill. You can get people to participate in plots to kill lots of people who might not do so if they knew it wasn't actually a drill. You can even recruit patsies and have them pose for photographs and appear in terrorist videos on the pretext that it's all part of some anti-terror training program for law enforcement.