Thursday, January 30, 2014

Democracy - all of these work for your benefit, citizen

In a democracy, there are various groups organized by concerned private citizens.  These groups have usually been started as ad hoc affairs, later burgeoning into massive, professional outfits, with their own budgets, full time employees and office buildings.

This is what I have been taught in my political science (actually, what the fuck is "political science" anyway?) class in my 70%+ black high school.  This is what representative democracy is all about - people organizing and, in a lawful way, working to change the system for the better.

Well, to better themselves; to improve their situation, in whatever one arena or multiple arenas - in the financial field ("We want more money, err, fair contracts!") to environmental concerns, to social causes ("I have as much right to fuck my pet goat on a public street during a parade downtown as you do fucking your ugly wife, breeder!"), etc etc.

Lets take a look at some of these organizations and their lofty goals.

Lets start with the granddaddy political/social organization, the most powerful union in the Yoo Ess of Ey, the AFL/CIO.  Wikipedia article:

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) is a national trade union center, the largest federation of unions in the United States, made up of fifty-seven national and international unions, together representing more than 11 million workers (as of June 2008, the most recent official statistic. It was formed in 1955 when the AFL and the CIO merged after a long estrangement. From 1955 until 2005, the AFL–CIO's member unions represented nearly all unionized workers in the United States.
As you can see, the AFL/CIO is big.  It represents interests of perhaps, approximately, give or take a few million, roughly 11 million working American citizens.

Lets go to the official AFL/CIO webpage, the "About" section, to see what they are all about:
We are the umbrella federation for U.S. unions, with 56 unions representing 12.5 million working men and women. We work to ensure that all people who work receive the rewards of their work—decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, respect and fair treatment. We work to make the voices of working people heard in the White House, on Capitol Hill, in state capitals across the country and in corporate boardrooms. We provide an independent voice for working families and ways for working people to be actively engaged in politics and legislation. We also hold corporations accountable for their treatment of employees and ensure the voice of working people is heard in the financial system. We also work with federations of unions in other countries toward global social and economic fairness.
As you can see, this workers' union is concerned, logically, with workers' issues - decent paychecks and benefits, job safety, fair treatment by management.  With circa 11 million members funding them with dues, this organization has lobbyists, PR specialists and  propaganda specialists (to make TV/radio propaganda, err, "commercials"), etc etc.

And what is the most pressing issue that American workers are most concerned about these days?

Why, mass amnesty for non-Americans, of course.

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, May 21, 201:
The labor movement has no higher priority in 2013 than a workable immigration system that will allow 11 million aspiring Americans to become citizens. That’s why labor has been working tirelessly with faith groups, DREAMers, and the civil rights community to ensure that we move forward this year and create a roadmap to citizenship.
The progress on this bill so far has been commendable. With the hard work of so many for so long, our broad and diverse coalition has become unstoppable.
There is no reason why this strong coalition should accept anti-worker amendments. And let’s be clear: Senator Orrin Hatch’s H-1B amendments are unambiguous attacks on American workers.
Hatch’s amendments change the bill so that high tech companies could functionally bring in H-1B visa holders without first making the jobs available to American workers. Hatch’s amendments would mean that American corporations could fire American workers in order to bring in H-1B visa holders at lower wages.
Well, as an IT worker who has dealt with, and is dealing with, outsourcing to sometimes unqualified, paid 1/3 the American wage indians, I can get behind WAIT A MINUTE.

The labor movement has no higher priority in 2013 than a workable immigration system that will allow 11 million aspiring Americans to become citizens.

This is not about IT.  This is about mass amnesty for mexicans. 

How does legalizing 11 million new workers help the AMERICAN WORKER in this jobless-recovery economy?  As this union represents AMERICAN workers, shouldn't they push for policies that will benefit, oh, I dunno, AMERICAN WORKERS?

Shouldn't the priority of this organization which exists solely for the AMERICAN WORKER to stop the outsourcing?  And I don't mean just IT - I mean our jobs, as the prophet Ross Perot predicted, being sucked out to Mexico, then China, then when even there became too expensive and cut into the our elite (jewish and goy) trillions' profits, into even bigger shitholes, like Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh... 

Shouldn't AFL/CIO fight for these jobs to stay in America?  That American cars be manufactured in America (that is why I bought a Toyota - that way, part of my money went to AMERICAN WORKERS, as opposed to, say, buying an "american car", a Ford, which is hecho en mexico, with the money chiefly going to some CEO filth.

Toyota: The new 'made in America', Aug 9, 2012:
Which automaker do you turn to for a car made in America? The answer to that is increasingly Toyota (TM).

The Toyota Camry has been the No. 1 American-made car for four years straight, according to an annual survey from
Ford was once strongly American made; the automaker had 20 models with at least 75% domestic parts content five years ago, reports But for the 2012 model year, it only has three. "Yet the same strategy has helped to bring Ford into the black with 11 straight quarterly profits," writes Kelsey Mays of
But no.  No need to fight for fair contracts, minimum wage, job safety or (goodness, how racist) advocate for the government to make laws requiring American cars (and, gosh, let me dream) other products to be at least partially manufactured in the United States.


The labor movement has no higher priority in 2013 than a workable immigration system that will allow 11 million aspiring Americans to become citizens.

But lets move on.

AFL/CIO is just one organization that is working tirelessly for, err, your interests, Mr/Ms American Citizen.

If you are black, oh, excuse me for racism, african-american, you know that there are many organizations and people who have your back.  NAACP, just like AFL/CIO, has its purpose spelled out in the name.  While AFL/CIO works tirelessly for the benefit of American workers, NAACP works tirelessly for the advancement of black folk (yes, forgive the racism, black people, I dislike the whole african-american shtick, because when I go to Europe or, gods forbid, Africa, what the fuck do I call a black guy there?).

And how does the NAACP work to benefit black people in our Yoo Ess of Ey?

The Immigration Movement: Advancing Social and Economic Justice for All, July 29, 2013, official NAACP webpage:

Currently, all eyes are on Congress and their debate around comprehensive immigration reform.  Will they or will they not is the pressing question. But what is certain is that immigration reform will not only significantly impact the economy as a whole, but it will also particularly impact the economic realities of marginalized communities and communities of color.
So, protecting the rights of immigrants and undocumented persons, especially in regards to their presence in the workforce and economy must be part of this reform. For starters, we must dispel myths on immigration, which can be achieved by opening up inclusive discussions where everyone’s experiences are heard and validated.
First, the characterization of immigration as Latino immigrants stealing jobs from other Americans is false.  A recent report from the Jackson Free Press shows that the workforce of certain communities, especially Black communities, is not detrimentally affected by the presence of immigrants. In fact, evidence suggest that immigrants are integral to creating a working and beneficial economy for all, exampled by the $115 million immigrants created for the Medicare Trust Fund surplus from 2002 to 2009.
This is the pressing issue for black people in 2013?  Legalization of mexican immigrants?

What... the... fuck?

First, there are latino (The fuck that "latino" word means - I know mexican, cuban, argentinian, brazilian and other immigrants - I go to their clubs to party, except for the very, VERY mexican-MEXICAN clubs with the german style oompa loompa bands and hatred of Whites, those I avoid - but I have never heard them calling themselves a "latino")...

Man, run-off sentence - my specialty.

First, there are latino organizations, PR groups, politicians and propaganda specialists who endlessly push for the "comprehensive immigration reform" - excuse me, mexican invasion legalization.

How come a group whose sole purpose is to help black, let me repeat this, BLACK FOLKS, BLACK people, concern themselves with this latino, brown, non-black issue?

And in this jobless-recovery, with our (White, black, asian, etc -American) jobs being shipped overseas or outsourced right here ("Here, AG, this is Sandeep, train him in what you do"), I would figure that an organization for the advancement of black people would be opposed to mass immigration of competition for the sparse (and getting sparser!) work places.

The mexican invasion will compete not just for jobs with blacks, but also for the social programs - this massive infusion means less government money for black social programmes, also.

But, just like AFL/CIO representing the interests of workers by bringing in their replacements, the NAACP is also representing the interests of black people by bringing in their replacements, for both jobs and the welfare state.

How about "The Congressional Black Caucus"?  How do they fight tooth and nail to better the people who elected them, the black people, into Congress?

No point for guessing...

Black Caucus to join push for amnesty, immigration, 01/31/2013:

“Immigration reform will be one of our top three priorities this year,” Ayofemi Kirby, the caucus’ communications director, told The Daily Caller on Wednesday.
The caucus is also trying to protect the “Diversity Visa” program from the GOP’s efforts to zero it, she said. Elimination of the program “would lower the number of [black] immigrants from countries who already have low number of immigrants … [in the United States], especially sub-Sahara and Africa” and Caribbean countries.
Yes, this is for the marginal number of sub-Sahara and African immigrants coming into the Yoo Ess of Ey - nothing to do with mexicans, no sir!

Incidentally, the jokes write themselves - read this from the article, and try not to smirk when you find out what the NAACP traitor-to-his-people last name is:

“The country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started [in 2009]. … White people in this country are doing a bit better [and] black people are doing far worse,” Ben Jealous, the president of the NAACP, told NBC on Jan. 27.
Why does The Onion still exist?  Should have been retired years ago.

Lets go take a peek at our popular culture - lets be hip and call it "pop culture".

America, with Hollywood and its music industry has flooded the world with its entertainment - American films, movies, music dominates world charts.

And what are we exporting?

These are from the 2014 grammy awards, which celebrate american pop music and culture.

How sexy... witches dancing for the benefit and enjoyment of devils and demons.

This is made not for you, you old fuddie daddie square pants - this is made for your kids.  You wouldn't understand.

More demons, gyrating to the rhytm.

A demon horse.

How can they top this in 2015?  Perhaps our lord Beelzebub, in the guise of a demon horse, will fuck the slut de jour on the next grammies?  Hey, jews, I thought of this first - I want royalties!

Ah, katy perry in hell, where she and those who made this shit belong.  Happy burning, jews and sluts (Of both male and bitch variety - I wouldn't want to be sexist now, would I?).

Now, people will pass this off as just doing it for the shock value, to get the watercooler talk going?

Well.... no.

Because the themes are, lately, ALWAYS the same - anti-christian performance, black mass.

No, I am not fucking kidding, and you asshholes better not laugh it off as "it's shock value".

First, if it was just for "shock value", every year would be something different, because what was once seen does not have the same high shock value as something new.  And so if it was a one event stage-off, I would agree with this explanation.

But this heavy duty, in your face satanism is now a yearly ritual reaching millions around the globe.

Don't believe me?  Pictures speak a thousand words.

nicki minaj with, err, pope, at the 2012 grammies.

Again, 2012 grammies - need I explain this picture?  Just shock value? Again and again and again?

Another pic from past grammy show - same old, same satanic ritual old.

The Iranians used to call America "The Great Satan".

Looking at these pictures from american (not mine! nor yours!) pop culture, it is hard to disagree.

But of course, all of this elaborate ritual performance is done for your, American (and now global) consumer - this is simply what people in America and around the world want for their entertainment... right?


Funnily enough, even E! Entertainment Television official tweet asked:

Um, did we just witness actual witchcraft during Katy Perry's #Grammys performance?
- E! Online (@eonline) January 27, 2014
The answer is... yes.

We also, of course, have our "news" media, which tirelessly work to inform us (hahahaha, I apologize, I cannot write this with a straight face, much less say it in public) about local and world events.

Such as this march in Paris, in which at least 17,000 of people took part, a small, tiny, unimportant minority of which shouted "Jew, France Is Not Yours!".

Perhaps there was no need to show this in America, better not to stir the populist beast here...  Need more somalis, mexicans and any other 3rd worlders to make this place into what most failed Latin American nations are - a dirty, mud bottom race at the bottom, with various groups infighting for scraps, blacksVSWhitesvsSouthAmerican while folks like Richard Slim rake in another few billion more.

Unfortunately, comments are closed, so that I cannot put in my comment showing my absolute disgust at these populists (populism - how this word is hated by our elite)  singing national hymns and songs (in this day and age, so passe, move on, dinosaurs, to a happy future, with gay marriage, and satanic rituals for all, and no jobs for first worlders).

These examples are just the icing on the cake showcasing how these organizations tirelessly work for the interests of You, The American citizen, always fighting for your rights, your jobs, your safety, even for your better entertainment.

Next up - when I get to it, I will write why populism is a dirty word for our elites and our hip/cool young people (hint - it's because the not-1% are united for a cause, and whatever it is it CANNOT be good for the jewish 0.1%).  The way to combat populism i.e. unity is to make a homogenous country into a 3rd world shithole, with whole cities closed off to working natives, occupied by alien religion/culture, and anybody who questions this is called a racist, arrested and their children taken away.

Am full of cheer, I know.


Anonymous said...

I really like your discussion of populism. As a former anti-war activist and (economic) leftist, I was often puzzled by the pejorative use of the word "populist" -- often accompanied by the word "demagogue" -- being used by leftists who would chant "power to the people". The funny thing is they really hated the traditional values, & beliefs of the demographic majority. In fact they even disapproved of the demographic majority people themselves and were quick to point out whenever some group had a large number of people belonging to the demographic majority.

Even though I grew up around a bunch of "you-know-who's" and was well-acquainted with their attitudes, it took the writing of Kevin MacDonald to clarify for me the role their Jewish identity had in shaping their politics and their hostility to the demographic majojority and everything they valued.

Sarcastic Fool said...

Those poor benighted French fools! How could they ever have been manipulated into believing such a thing. If only they were as wise and savvy as the erudite Americans who listen to NPR and get their political commentary from Bill moyers on PBS. No well-educated American would ever make such a mistake!

Peter said...

The government via the FBI and other police agencies were for very many years extremely worried about communist infiltration or influence in labor unions and black advocacy groups. They did everything to root them out and pretty much succeeded. However, these groups were simply taken over by capitalist influence which nobody seems to notice. In the old USSR a worker's association would be headed up either by a party member or at least people vetted by them to make sure they aren't wild cards and who would reflect the values of the state. In a capitalist country the leaders of worker's unions espouse capitalist values, minimizing any subversive idea that the interests of organized labor and that of corporate America could be antithetical to each other. Labor unions have been captured and just make grumbling noises to convince the members that they're truly working on their behalf. The black advocacy groups are just high paid shills and leeches.
I just figured the theme of Satanism in the popular culture was due to a lack of any ability to be original, that it was just easier to copy what's already been done rather than try to create something new. But hey, who knows? Looking at it in it's entirety it becomes crystal clear that American popular culture, if that's what it can be called, is just one big huge sexually transmitted disease contaminating the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you still have a country?

AmericanGoy said...

I do.

I just know that I am a 2nd class citizen (perhaps a 3rd class - after Jews and blacks) because of laws (AA, Section 8, Welfare, Obama phone, etc etc etc, anti semitism and lack of free speech allowed etc etc etc).

I think people in the UK are waking up to the fact of being 3rd class citizens, but it is too late for them, poor sods.

AmericanGoy said...

To Petey:

"The black advocacy groups are just high paid shills and leeches".

Yes, like all politicians, lobbyists etc. A normal person DOES NOT become a politician; no chance.

"Looking at it in it's entirety it becomes crystal clear that American popular culture, if that's what it can be called, is just one big huge sexually transmitted disease contaminating the entire planet".

True dat.

But the satanic elements, year after year, ceremony after ceremony on TV, the Egyptian getups, the demons on stage, mocking Christianity any chance they get, well, the pattern is there.

Anonymous said...

"I just figured the theme of Satanism in the popular culture was due to a lack of any ability to be original"

They're only capable of being anti pre-existing aspects of the host culture. That's all they can be.