Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eurovision 2014 winner

There is a kitschy, trashy but all in good fun competition involving all of Europe - no, not another war...


Each country sends a singer/band to represent it to the rest of Europe. So of course France sends either an african or a moslem, that's a given.

But this year, the show has topped itself.

Behold - the winner of the contest:

Excuse me while I barf in my mouth.

No, really - I threw up.

Miss... rather, Mister... or whatever he/she/it is... Conchita Wurst

Basically dubbed by the adoring European media (in every Euro country, be it France, Poland, Czech Republic) "the bearded woman".  And the writers paid by whomever pays them and owns their newspapers and the TV anchors on the idiottube all gushed and adored and ooohed and aaahed this... this... 

Sorry, I threw up again.

There were some decent acts during this year's contest - Poland has sent a group of beautiful young women (those stupid Polish goyim are sooo behind the times!).

But of course, this... this... thing... whatever it is, had to win.

Go to your favorite search engine, whether duckduckgo or google, does not matter, and put in:

The Frankfurt School

Once you spent a minute or two researching this topic, you will understand what modern art - every fucking branch of it, be it painting, singing, music making, poetry, sculpture - is all about.

Long story short - beauty is forbidden and ruthlessly purged.

Anything that is perverse, ugly, shit - that, and ONLY that, is promoted, adored, paid stupendous amounts of money and allowed to infest the modern media and our poor psyche.


Anonymous said...

The voting was rigged. The public didn't vote for it.

Anonymous said...

And if you find this person revolting you are sick, sick, sick. The problem is not with transgender people. The problem is with you and your fear and HATE!

AmericanGoy said...

Of course the voting was rigged. No sane, normal person would vote for this freakshow.

Which bring me to the 2nd post by another anonymous: Nope, I am pretty sure the problem is the freakshow being pushed full speed ahead into the mainstream.

Every deviancy, every degenerate act, everything that is shit and ugly is being promoted, paid for and shoved down our throats (pardon the image).

Transgender people, thanks to our modern medical technology, can AND DO undertake hormone treatments and surgical procedures to join the society. Some choose to stay as the "3rd sex" - fair enough, but no need to promote this choice over other ones.

The funnies thing in all of this is that this guy is NOT transgender - he is simply a failed, washed up singer who was never hired by anybody.

But when he decided to become a freakshow, the powers that be started to promote him 100% (note - his voice and singing did not change, he simply donned a dress).

So a normal guy who sings has no chance in the modern music scene - but get a dress and a beard at the same time, and our lovely elites jump at the chance to mainstream it.

Interesting, ain't it, 2nd anonymous?

2nd anonymous said...

Interesting, ain't it, 2nd anonymous?

I'm surprised that Pussy Riot didn't take the top spot. I would say that between encouraging us to adore this freak and telling us to hate those backward Russkies who are oh so intolerant of homosexuality -- they won't expose children to homoerotic material you know -- it was tossup as to which artist was more deserving of continent-wide promotion.

Anonymous said...

If you compare Ancient art and Architeture to the modern version you will se the uglyness that is part of our lives today.

Anonymous said...

@May 21, 2014 at 10:06 AM: the ugliness is intentional. Beauty is one of the classic virtues espoused by Greek philosophy. Our new overclass rejects the old world order based on Roman, Greek, and European christendom; it is building a new world order based on its Hebrew Jerusalemite thinking and replacing existing values, beliefs, aesthetics, and demography are key components to constructing their new world order.