Wednesday, December 26, 2007

America - American Goy presents to you the new First Family

The Huckabees!

Aren't they cute? Gosh the family name sounds like a TV sitcom!

These guys represent this country perfectly! The gleaming, happy smiles, the svelte, athletic shapes, the obvious intelligence that beams, nay, radiates from these faces! The world will love them, even more than they love the current president! The great understated taste in clothing which will wow them in Milano and Paris! The obvious class of this family will really put those snotty Euros in their place! The quotient of intelligence represented in this picture already is upsetting the Europeans and other assorted enemies of the patriotic Americans!

Now, it is very unfortunate that one of the spoiled lard ass fat piece of shit sons I mean, err sorry, golden boy of Huckster has
been caught with a gun at an airport
and also it is very, VERY unfortunate that one of the Dr. Atkins nighmares I mean errrr, one of the pious christian innocent boys, has hung a dog by his neck, slit his neck and stoned him to death and even the mainstream media has written about it.

So, fellow citizens, be ready to welcome the new First Family into your homes, into your souls, but please, not into your kennels. Or just tell them to fuck off if you have a pet. Or a daughter. Or you don't like psychopaths masquarading as oh so pious christians.

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