Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Clintons are political geniuses - American Goy bows his head in admiration

This will be short and sweet I promise.

Simply put, the Clinton political team is on genius level, perhaps beat only in the noggin department by the criminal bush family.

Clinton bush superhero team.

Clinton, of the husband variety, told reporters that bush, of the George Herbert Walker variety (not the retarded genus of 'W') will work to help Hillary Clinton in her bid to become USA's first woman president.

This is a genius move on many levels, and once I started to think on this, opened my eyes to how really smart the Clinton political team is.

First, many of the die hard republicans remember bush 'W' father as a very good president, who won a short and almost bloodless (for Americans) war in Kuwait, worked well in the international politics, and was (and is) very respected. Republicans right now have NO candidate to support - the schizophrenic, not quite right in the head McCain, the tough talking, dressing as a woman Rudy, the mormon nut Romney and the christian nut Huckabee (he of the 'my son hung a stray dog, slit the dog's throat and stoned him variety).

If there was a candidate like George H.W. bush the republicans, big business, etc would support him in a hurry. Him? What about a her?

Hillary is the toughest talking democrat on the 'bomb Iran' issue, making her a cinch in for the MOST IMPORTANT in US politics Jewish lobby vote of confidence. (see here, here, and Jewish vote goes to Madam President). And now she, despite the demonization of Bill by the right wing left wing American media will garner votes by the more sane republicans. Or perhaps republican women.

The Clintons were and are as much about big multinational business conglomerates as the bush family ever was (remember NAFTA?). The big business power players, after the useful idiot (bush jr) disaster, now prefer somebody who is coherent in the english language, and has a bigger IQ quotient than 15. For the big business folks, Hillary is a shoe in. This election, they will say no to religious nuts, crazy fundies and idiots. They want a tough business man (or woman) who can get shit done and know the system enough to work for it.

The powerbrokers working behind the scenes also are alarmed at how low the perception of the Yoo Ess of Ey has fallen in the world. Bill and George have been given their marching orders by their superiors, but that is not going to be enough to turn the tide of hatred towards the USA around the world, from St. Petersburg thru Berlin, from Seoul to Bombay. And who was the most liked president of USA around the world in recent modern times? Bubba Clinton, that is who.

And people around the world will think two things about her: one, that she is a woman president, which will make the Yoo Ess of Ey seem more like a sane, normal (progressive) country similar to other REAL democracies around the world, instead of the neo-fascist, marching orders from AIPAC, Taliban like religious thinking electorate country that it really is


They will remember the times of Bill Clinton with nostalgia; the time when an American president could speak three or more sentences in English coherently, could travel around the world to different countries and be actually welcomed with flowers and crowds of non stoning masses, and instead of seeing Hillary they will see the shadow of Bill.

And we the people? Since when do we count for in anything in this system? In the advent of tribal politics ('Hail! I am Oprah, I am black, and so is Obama - I vote for him!', 'I am woman, Hillary is woman, I vote for her!'), do you really think the ruling elites will really let the people determine the vote of this most important election in several decades?

The ship S.S. Yoo Ess of Ey must be steadied, and picking up a useful retard did not work as well as it was hoped. Gigantic fortunes were made in ventures in Iraq, in outsourcing, in predatory lending to (really) dumb Americans, but the cost has been prohibitive in the nation's mood, general apathy, its confidence in the elites and the disdain for USA around the world.

This ship must be steadied by a system insider.

Hillary is your man.

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