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American Goy on American TV News

An immigrant or a tourist, who watches American News (not say the International Edition of CNN News - yes kids, Americans get different news than the rest of the world, EVEN FROM THE SAME COMPANY), will be... well. What is the word? Amazed? Repulsed? Fascinated?

Probably all three (and then some).

Now, I want to differentiate the local news, which is standard boilerplate news (I will define boilerplate news in a moment) and then cable/international news.

Boilerplate News is what I call normal, sane news - an announcer reads from a teleprompter (hell, from a sheet of paper somebody is holding off camera), introduces a fact or a story, and moves on. Or, second scenario, announcer reads the story, and the viewer does not see him (or her) but instead is treated to TV footage about the story.

Hmmm too complicated.
OK... TV guy says that a house burned down last night at 123 XYZ street, and we watch the firemen in action; then we are treated to a woman or a man eyewitness as he describes what happened and prances, bobs and weaves trying to look good for the TV camera... mostly by crying or, failing that, shouting as loud as he/she can to give the situation gravitas and to be remembered by all his/her family. (Momma was on TV! Hey everyone!). 1.10 minutes of fame. Great, now fuck off.

Ah sorry about that.
Moving on.

ALL news IN THE WORLD are boilerplate news. Whether international or local. Announcer guy (and/or gal) reads abotu the news, and the TV viewer watches the action (fire, police at a murder scene, concert, festival etc etc.).
Except American News.

American News exists to do two things:
1) Stupify Americans
2) Lie to Americans.

No I am not kidding.
The most popular stories are really not important, wedge issue stories that occupy at least 50% of TV newstime. A woman missing (perferably in an exotic location that most Americans cannot afford to visit), a celebrity acting like an idiot (and why shouldn't they - so would you if you were so high on coke all the time), the incredibly important fact that a chubby woman was voted off American Idol (she really WAS sickening and hurl inducing)...

In fact, think of any important issue that the TV News SHOULD be informing Americans about.

Now, you can be sure that that issue WILL NOT be reported for as long as the asenine, idiotic, celebrity/white woman in Bahamas had sex/American Idol or any other dumbing down non issue.

It is by design.

News in America is all about ratings. And since most Americans never left America to visit a foreign country (except to get high and drunk in Mexico - which they don't remember anyway except for the fact that they came back with Chlamydia, OR to go to a foreign country to kill people and steal their stuff), people here do not care about international news.

So while BBC has a guy for 30 minutes doing standard boilerplate news (fighting in Congo and/or Darfur, hunger in Ethiopia, American troops fighting in Afghanistan, cyclone in Fiji), American international news (or cable 24 hour news channels) will focus 15 minutes on a missing white woman in the Carribean (Yes. Seriously. I shit you not readers not from USA), 5 minutes on a cutesy story (Awww! Kittens are soooooo cuuuuute!), and then about 2 minutes on what is really going on in the world (the stuff that BBC or ANY OTHER news programme takes 30 minutes to do), and then of course the rest of the time is commercials.

Hell, most Americans cannot find Fiji, Liberia (Afghanistan, Iraq...) on the map, and can't be arsed to find out what a cyclone is.

FOX NEWS has a segment called 1 minute around the world. On a 24 hours a day cable news channel.

Think about it. You get 1 minute of REAL NEWS in a 60 minute time span.
Boggled your mind yet?

It. Gets. Better.

This is a second reason why American News sucks (ass).

Punditry. Pundits.
If you know what these words mean, you shudder, spit on the ground, pray to your god, bare your teeth, load your gun. Unless of course you are an American...

In internatinal news/cable news programs, whenever an issue is discussed, experts are called in to discuss said issue. And so when we are dealing with the Middle East we get experts on that region's politics and culture. When a country is discussed, an expert on that country is brought forward. So far so good...

Let's see how this works in practice.
The show was about Iran's nuclear ambition. An expert on Iran was brought in. Hmm he looks very white... And umm he has an anglo saxon last name. Perhaps Mr. Johnson is an expert on Iran, who am I to judge otherwise? So what if he does not speak Persian (that's the Iranian language to all the Americans who read this).

Next we discuss Islam. Hmm we get a Jewish guy this time. And umm .... yeah.

Then we discuss Iran again. Oh look, that Jewish guy, that white as a sheet expert on Middle East and some woman who well... seems clueless. I am sure these experts will tell me WHAT TO THINK. Ah ahm soo confuzed!

No one in America questions WHERE do these experts come from, and WHO PAYS for them. Some TV stations list in small font what organization an expert is from; most do not - just put their names on the bottom of the screen. For one second. In small font.

Like I said, always dig a little bit deeper. We are not dealing with rocket science here.
So let us research where do these experts who inform us WHAT TO THINK come from.

Hmmmm lets see. This nice gentleman who talks about Iran is from the Heritage Foundation. Hmmm.... Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Near him sits a fellow from American Enterprise Institute. Also present is a woman from Center for Strategic and International Studies. On next show the gang is joined by a fella from the Middle East Forum.

All the experts seem to agree. On everything. Iran is bad. Israel is so good baby Jesus would weep in happiness. Liberals are bad, bad! Economy is going strong! America is number 1!

Now, keep in mind that MOST TV news shows DO NOT inform the viewer where the hell the experts come from or what organizations they represent. And even if they do, what do innocous words like Heritage Foundation or the Middle East Forum mean to a Joe Schmoe American? Middle East Forum means obviously some place where all viewpoints on the Middle East are present, right?

Well... not exactly. In fact the opposite.

For example, when discussing Iran, how do you think an invited expert from MEF (Middle East Forum) would say given that his organization's purpose is to, in part, be "countering the Iranian threat"? Would he examine the situation, give an unbiased advice on how to best deal with Iranian situation as the USA, or will he say "Hell, let's bomb them!"?
Middle East Forum

Similarly, on a show discussing global warming, you are sure to get experts (who are paid by corporations...) who disagree with 99% of world's climate scientists and will say that it is a hoax and a fraud. But the viewer will not be told from what organization this "expert" came from, if, for example, he is from Corporate Shills for Lying to the Public About Global Warming. As an example, say.

A Jewish expert is obviously THE most qualified unbiased person to discuss Islam.

And discussing about organic vs. gene spliced food, an "expert" from the Hudson Institute will of course be unbiased and just give us straight facts, as Dennis Avery,
as "Director of the Hudson's Center for Global Food Issues, has written
in opposition to those who favor the adoption of organic agricultural
Hudson Institute - propaganda for sale

What will an expert from the MEF say about the Palestinian - Israeli conflict? Obviously, an unbiased, expert opinion, given that one of their programs is called Campus Watch. What is it? Think Hitler Jugend or KGB spies. On your local campus. If a professor said something that was anti Israel (for example, an offensive statement like "Palestinians are human beings") then he would be reported and some kind of action taken (think pressure to remove said professor from school).
MEF - we got Zion Jugend right here

"Initially, Campus Watch encouraged students to submit reports regarding
teachers, books, and curricula, which led some professors to accuse
Campus Watch of "McCarthyesque" intimidation; in protest, more than 100
other academics asked to be listed too. Subsequently, Campus Watch removed the list from its website"
Keep your mouth shut

"The professors listed on the site have been spammed with tens of thousands
of racist, obscene and threatening e-mails."

Professors stand up to intimidation
Wow! Intimidation, mafia style! We wish to welcome an expert from the Middle East Forum to CNN and we will now discuss the situation in Iran...

Do you get it (Americans)?
All the experts on the news channels are PAID, PROFESSIONAL PROPAGANDA SPECIALISTS.

They are there to push (propagate and support) their and/or their masters' (people who pay them) agenda.
It really is as simple as that.
So next time you see an expert on CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC discuss abortion, Iran, economy, start to THINK: who paid this shill to talk to you? Who pays him to tell you that we MUST attack Iraq? Iran? Syria? That the economy is juuuust grrrreeeat! To invest invest invest! And to laugh at all those crazy people who worry about the environment!

Partial list of the scum who lie to Americans:
Conservative Think Tanks

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