Monday, January 28, 2008

American Absurdity take 2

Remember senator Larry Craig? Yes, the one who tap-tapped his foot in an airport bathroom signalling his need for gay sex. Yes, that one.

As I keep harping, outrageous behavior by the "esteemed" US senators and other politicians is commonplace. The stuff we get to hear on the news is the tip of the iceberg, the really "cleaned up" stuff. Sexual orgies with cocaine use (not necessarily heterosexual sex, either), regular visits to "offical" Congress bordellos - commonplace.

If you are brave, feel free to read up about The story of Larry King or How Mark Foley, republican congreeman had gay sex with congressional (boy) pages, or how James Michael McHaney, an aide to Sen. Maria Cantwell, was trying to set up a meeting with an undercover witness posing online as a teenage boy., or how cheap State Representative Richard Curtis was, as he refused to pay full price for a male prostitute.

Perhaps you prefer to read about Senator David Vitter, who frequented a "Congressional" bordello, or how Democratic Representative Barney Franks' long time patronage of prostitute and pimp Stephen L. Gobie's nifty male whore business.

Oh but there is SO much...
Dkospedia has a list of all republican sex scandals,
and has a list of democratic side scandals, including the ones of the sex kind

What I was more shocked about the whole Larry Craig scandal was not the fact that this sanctimonious gay hating politican is actually very, VERY gay, or the fact that he got his kicks in an airport restroom (shades of George Michael). No, all this is normal and par for the course for American politicians, the god fearing, straight talking, esteemed and honored gentlemen from Washington.

No, the thing that got me so aghast, perturbed, distressed and stunned, was this money quote from Craig from NBC interview with Matt Lauer:
"Matt, you won’t believe this. But I don’t use the Internet. I don’t have a computer at my desk. I’ve never used the Internet. It’s just not what I do."

Which to me was just shocking, much more than the whole gay-orgy-underage-rape-cocaine-use scanadal.

Because you see, then Senator Craig was a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus.


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