Monday, January 28, 2008

And the winner of the most creepy commercial right now is!

Looks like a nation of zombies from the book Strange New World, being happy that they are slightly more efficient, can work HARDER, longer, all thanks to a high they get from dunkin donuts soma errr coffee.

With my deadpan robotic expression, I start to sing too:

I am slightly more productive (at work), than I previously was.

Slightly more efficient (at work), than I previously was.

Slightly more effective (at work), than I previously was.

Maybe I am weird, but that makes me cringe; more than I previously was during the just watched bush state of the union speech.

Maybe it is because I was born in Europe.

Perhaps because I was born elsewhere, another commercial makes me cringe that is supposed to make me happy. You see, thanks to new technology, I am able to take my laptop anywhere in the world, even to a sandy beach, and work. During my goddamn vacation. Of which in America I get all of 2 weeks off (yes, non Americans - in Yoo Ess of Ey all workers get a whopping 2 weeks off per year. Apparently am expected to work during that time also, to fit into this crazy society).

Supposedly us Americans are happy that we are required to be more efficient, more productive, more effective - and work during our vacation.

"I am sorry honey, I would love to go for a swim with you - I know, the water here in Costa Rica is nice.... but I gotta work. Can you ask the staff to bring me some strong coffee before you go swim? Thanks hun!"


Bonus Material:
There seems to be some pushback...

Also... can you spot the robotic Mitt Romney in the commercial?

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SJ said...

I agree! I think the DD commercials are insanely creepy! I cringe at the commercials that show people doing things like sky diving, or kissing, or getting a promotion and then the ad is for something inane, like ... rollos or something. Really? If I eat rollos I will meet the man of my dreams, become richer, and realize some of my life's more adventurous goals? Really??!

Anyway I have been avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup like the plague. I call it poison. Can I drink this? No. Its poisonous. Even a popular apple juice brand had it listed in the ingredients! Thank you for opening my eyes to the poison in so many foods!

AmericanGoy said...

More than welcome.
If you see a (extremely good looking:) guy at your local supermarket, buying PLAIN yogurt (that one has no HFCS), say hi. It could be me, the infamous AG :-)

Anonymous said...

I have always been creeped out by companies that believe touting "increased work output" is an incentive for me to spend my personal discretionary cash. I suspect their perceptions are just SO mired in Corporate-Think that the insanity of that approach is filtered out.