Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog housekeeping by the resident idiot

I decided to reorganize the blog and make it easier to navigate.

There are two main categories of articles here, the Discerning Idiot Series and the American Goy Investigative Journalism Series (the third category is basically stuff. And I'll be damned if this serious political blog will have a category called Stuff. Then again, I do have an Idiot series...).

They are two different (somewhat) philosophies here.

The Discerning Idiot is when I decide to look at a complicated issue, and break it down to an idiotic level of understanding. Meaning that, hopefully, it is very easy to understand the why. These are my views on... well, everything, really. My musings, if you will.

The American Goy Investigative Journalism Series is slightly less low brow (at least to me - I am no Wolfe, Tolstoy, Twain nor Shakespeare, I'll tell you that much), and (supposedly) much more informative. News scoops you might have missed in the media, my own investigations into the (eternal question of) Why?, but this time backed with (hopefully) some logic and more sources. At least, that's the theory...


Bonus Material:
It seems that people are loath to comment (and not just in my blog - look at Juan Cole's blog). In fact it seems that for every 50 to a 100 visitors I get one comment.

I decided to take the comment moderation off.

Now, I still reserve the right to delete racist, sexist, or just plain nasty comments. Calling me an idiot is par for the course - in fact, calling me a moron would be a compliment.

Then again do I really want this insanity?

Cheers (insert smiley face here)!

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