Thursday, January 10, 2008

Contrarian View: Diebold vote counting machines technical glitches

As a proud idiot, I can well understand that Diebold machines have a history of counting votes wrong, or perhaps adding votes to a certain candidate while subtracting from others.

And really, it is perfectly understandable.

You see - those kinds of machines are imperfect.

Similar to bank ATM machines - you never know what you will get.
As you put in your bank card and enter your PIN number into the ATM, and put in the amount of $ you want to take from the machine, it is understandable that the machine many times will be wrong.

I mean, you put in $50, and the machine gives you $36. But sometimes, you put in $50, and you get $67, for example. Or $41. Or any number, really. And some people have the temerity to act like this is not normal and complain. Jeeeez, people!

Sometimes, just sometimes, when you put in a request for $50, you actually get the $50 you requested from the ATM. It has been known to happen!

Hence, I do not understand why many people harp on the Diebold machines' glitches, security flaws, and optical scanner (as used in NH) huge rate of error.

These people really tick me off.

YOU are probably one of those people.

One of those namby pamby types, conspiracy theory, tin foil wearing nut jobs, who go to an ATM machine, request $50 in cash, and expect the ATM banking machine to always, correctly, every time, give you $50.

You make me sick.

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Anonymous said...

um. I have seen a lot of diebold postings since the NH primary. NH was a paper ballot. . .
get a grip.

AmericanGoy said...

Am griping, thank you very much.

If you have bothered to read my post, and my blog, you would see that the optical scanning machines used in NH for over 80% of votes counted are made by Diebold.

Those ACCUVOTE optical scanning machines are made by Diebold.

I do not trust ANYTHING made by Diebold, ever since its CEO stated that he will guarantee to deliver the votes of Ohio to bush.

I do not think that after such a statement by its then CEO, and its record of errors, glitches and wrong counts of votes, that the company of Diebold should still exist, never mind count the majority of the votes in many states.

/pompous ass mode off