Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Global Food Crisis - most important story today

World food crisis roundup


A collection of articles from mainstream media about the calamity that is the Global Food Crisis.

Yes, I am "keeping on keeping on" on this story, because this is the single, most important story in the world today, even more important than the situation in Iraq.

Kudos to PBS' Newshour for running this story on (gasp! shock!) American TV:
Newshour link here

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spocko said...

Hey American Goy. Yep. I'm the guy who took on K S F O. The campaign cost them 28 major advertisers and probably at least 1 million dollars in revenue. A lot of 5th tier bloggers came to my defense. People like you. I will always be grateful for the help.
FYI, a year later M elanie M organ did not have her contract renews because of "budget problems" at the company that purchased them (Citadel Broadcasting). This was their way to avoid having to pay extra for breach of contract. Of course I was pleased at the result. That meant that they couldn't play victim (not that it stopped them) The other two hosts who were WORSE are still there. Why? Probably because M organ was on TV and used her position as the head of a 501 c. 3 to promote actual physical fights in the streets with her group and Code Pink. But of course I can't prove it.

I liked what you posted at Digby. I'll stop by again.

Keep up the good work.