Tuesday, April 22, 2008

America is waking up

Yes, we are winning

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Anonymous said...

True or False: Five men were seen "high fiving and holding up cigarette-lighters in mock celebration" in New Jersey looking over the bay at the burning twin towers", and these same men were later detained for questioning by authorities because of complaints from witnesses and were found to be members of the Mossad here in America.

Is that true?

If that is true............its pretty much very reliable circumstantial evidence that Israel knew 9.11 was coming but did nothing to stop it in the hopes that the fallout would be beneficial to their own foreign policy hopes and were acting not like a 'friend' at all. If we knew a large terror attack that was going to kill over 3,000 Israelis was coming and was going to destroy about ten billion in real estate (and an expat American was going to make out like a bandit on the insurance payments from the destruction of that real estate because of a ridiculous policy he took out less than two months prior to the event for no apparent reason like Larry Silversteen supposedly did with the towers), Im pretty sure Israel would feel like we let them down by not warning them something at least "might" be coming and might accuse us of deliberate non-notification because of "desired" results at worst.