Saturday, July 12, 2008

Apologies for lack of content

I am extremely busy with my new job, renting my several apartments and other pressing business.

On the other hand, I am addicted to writing it, so I should have something up shortly.

Should I go with Obama's advisors and the "same old, same old" politician that Obama really is?

Should I go with the bombshell Israeli-Turkish spy ring which stole (and continues to steal) American nuclear secrets to the highest bidder?

Or just the Ha'aretz article in which (black) South Africans visiting the West Bank and Gaza say that Israeli system for Palestinians is worse than Apartheid?

Choices, choices...

Think I will do all three articles, but which to pick next?

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Anonymous said...

"Or just the Ha'aretz article in which (black) South Africans visiting the West Bank and Gaza say that Israeli system for Palestinians is worse than Apartheid?

No surprise there. I'm from South Africa. For whites Apartheid made perfect sense. Now that its gone they actually are being forced out, just like they said would happen. Peace with blacks was never possible, it was always a case of who holds the power. But the fact is that Israel practices dead-on Apartheid in an advanced form.

marc said...

What I chose to do on my blog is: instead of showing people how "bad" other people (e.g. Obama) can be (we all can be "bad" so why judge) I figured it may be better to show people what can be done to defeat the concept of "surveillance" itself, which is the real issue.

I blog about evolving trends in software (ideas that can change the world from a geek's point of view) and so, with the exception of some unique instances, what I say is not likely to affect the average Joe or those interested in politics (as opposed to software.)

Take a look at this:

Anonymous said...

I think we need to discuss as much about Obama as possible, make it juicy and get a lot of diggs. Especially now with the cover of the New Yorker.. they are really starting to escalate their efforts in terms of making him out to be a rebel, or an outsider when obviously nothing could be farther from the truth.

James Mendham said...

I think personally you should blog on Obama's eating habits. Does he prefer humus or Philadelphia cream cheese? Yogurt orf ice cream? The Big Mac or the Shwarma wrap? American readers need to know the stuff like this!!!

when he's home does he pray to Allah "religiously" or is it just a prop for the election? (sort of like Bush is a "Christian" as his track record shows he's only really just a Texan).

How about his wife? Does he follow the zealot Islamic apropos of locking her in a box with a leg iron? Or has he become more "evolved into the American way of life" and nods while using the flicker to see which game is on???

Actually to be honest, I'm in Canada. I don't care who becomes president. It's not like they're in charge anyway, but make for good fodder to the international communities, while the true powers just keep doing what they're doing behind the scenes, irrelevant of whether it is a republican fundamentalist or a liberal rainbow flying Starbucks drinker...

Better yet, for a totally different change of pace. Why not talk about Viagra? The quicker dicker picker upper, and the relationship toward the fad and fun of media hypes toward drug addiction, rehab, and of course the effervescent "intervention" that can now not only get you off your addiction, but make you hundreds of thousands of dollars on yet another "reality" show... heh

After all... isn't the "reality show" concept just a wider brand to the American public being "punk'd?" heh

hell, maybe I'll blog that myself... you're busy renting out rooms in your brothel (aka "various apartments") while you import eastern European women and blog about the American way of life, to avoid immigration charges :D

Say it ain't so joe :O

Beyond all that shite... how is your summer going goy? How did it go at the clinic? I'd have called you but well, to be honest, I lost your phone number... and i was really tired of calling 1-976-hot-stud anyway :D


Anonymous said...

Do a post on the 'scroll to bush' that Israel presented to Bush when he recently visited there.

"Megillat Bush - The Bush Scroll"