Saturday, July 19, 2008

Further apologies....

I don't have internet access in my new place yet, and writing a blog at a local library is frowned upon :-)

And there is so much I want to talk about!

Fannie Mae and Freddy!
and of course the old staple AIPAC!



Anonymous said...

Congradulations on your move. I hope things are setting up well for you.

Blogs shouldn't feel the need to update too much. It will become a chore for the blogger. Reading the inspired thoughts of intelligent people and their take on matters is very interesting stuff indeed. Its a hell of a lot more entertaining than TV sitcoms.

Anonymous said...

They say that all good jokes are born out of frustration...........maybe that applies to all good blogs as well.

Wish things were different and that America was still for Americans, but that was then and this is now. All we can do as people without a country is talk quietly amongst ourselves.

James Mendham said...

heh :) congratulations on your new place mate :)

still running from the family huh? :P

and about your blog? well as an IT guy I figured the first thing you would've done is make sure that the High-speed was connected, it was wireless and you'd be able to feed and fuel your addiction...

and people wonder why IT guys are so incompetent :P

anyway, when are you going to get your globular butt here to Canada and visit, just to discover what freedom really looks like...

you know... the right to be straight, the right to be gay. the right to be a minority, the protection from racism and hatred based upon sexual orientation, gender, faith, age, or income?