Monday, November 9, 2009

Pushy Israelis in American Malls: rebuttal

Remember my Pushy Israelis in Every American Mall article?

I have gotten a rebuttal of sorts in my comments, so I thought it would be best if I reprinted it here in full.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pushy Israelis in Every American Mall":

Hi, I'm a Kiosk owner. So I'd like to set the record straight. (Whether you believe me or not). Firstly kiosks are ALWAYS owned by an American. The business itself isn't illegal and we pay taxes like everyone else. The Israeli employees come on H2B though I'm sure that their are illegals, most of us owners wouldn't risk our future (and apparently we do very well) when we can get an H2B for just 200-300 dollars.
Now for some real answers.

You compare these "communities" to terorist cells. There are two reasons why everything is set up for these people. 1) Israelis are a very close community. They feel very alone in the US and even the world. The owners try and make life for them here as comfortable as possible. Most of these workers are kids and miss their friends and family. So we try our hardest to make them feel like they're not just here for work but here as part of a greater experience.
Whether or not you feel this is like terrorist cells doesn't matter if there is no terrorist plotting... After all you can say that Church groups and the YMCA act in the same way. It's called being there for people. Besides, we're not going to bring them 1000miles and let them just figure stuff out for themselves.
2) The second reason why they get so many perks is very AMERICAN. Supply and demand. There's a lot of compitition and many companies they can go to. Sometimes it comes down to who can offer a better living experience.

These Israelis actually don't think that most Americans are dumb as you say. They think that they have so much money that they don't know what to do with it. This is no ones fault but our own cultures. We live on credit and we have to much disposable income. (i.e. our current financial meltdown)

These workers are rude, they are ruthless, they are good at what they do but they shouldn't carry a stigma any worst than your average used cars salesman... certainly not that of a mossad agent!

I don't know any mossad agents but i'm pretty sure you can't become one when you're 20yrs old! They did do a mandatory 3 yr army term but most of them never even saw action. Most of my employees had desk jobs or were technicians. One was a cook! The army is helpful in allowing them to be dissiplines enough to focus on nothing but sales for 12hrs a day, sometimes 6 days a week. And that's why Americans can't do the job. Cus trust me it costs us a lot of money to house and find these Israelis. I tried using Americans and most of the time it doesn't work because of a lack of focus. They've got family, friends, school, boyfriend problems... you name it. An Israeli want nothing more than to run away to South America for 6months to a year and knows exactly how much money he needs to do that.

In short, Israelis are nothing to fear. They love this country. They love that you don't have to fight for everything and that people (even strangers) are generally nice to them. So even though when at the kiosk they take advantage of that niceness. They leave here loving that niceness and spreading the truth about us Americans; That we are kind and friendly (and gullible with crappy mud :)

To the guy who wrote about "Islamic terrorist plots" Wow. That's a shame. You might unknowingly be agreeing with many of these Israelis. LOL! Who are JEWISH and also fear such attacks!

Well, I hope I calmed some of you people down. Next time you see a pushy guy or girl at a kiosk. Take the time to talk to them about what they hope to achieve in their future and you'll see that their answers are genuine. These are kids with big dreams and no money... But they're trying.


Anonymous said...

LWB any chance of sharing the "old/young lesbian video"?

Anonymous said...

"But they're trying."

They won't be getting any of MY money.
I'll think I'll have some fun -- go to one of the kiosks in our redneck state -- yeah, we got 'em, big time -- and sit by the kiosk with a notepad and write down names and scare the he@@ out of them that I'm Immigration. Then I'll send the names anonymously to Immigration.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Yeah right! Israelis LOVE the US as a TARGET for their terrorist attacks! They LOVED attacking the USS Liberty, and we know for a FACT that Israelis got a TON OF PLEASURE out of the attacks on 911, because we caught their mossad agents celebrating the collapse of the towers with explosives and Arab clothing! They sure do LOVE US, because they live off of us for FREE in their kibbutz. They use slave labor, and all that is payed for by US tax dollars, because Israel loves us so much for giving it more financial aid than any other country on earth. Israel LOVES the US because it's foreign lobbies and it's agents run the congress, senate, white house, judicial system, our media, hollywood, most major corporations and just about everything else. NO WONDER they LOVE attacking us so much!

Too bad though...a new group of Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian patriots have stood up to rid our country of their kind completely. These murderous, terrorists from Israel don't deserve to set foot on American soil. Now their only choice is to attack our nation again, or high tail it before they get their just deserts.

Come see us.

李通友 said...

Better late than never.


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