Monday, May 17, 2010

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The whole 1990's Yugoslavia war, with Serbs being the evil nazis and the Croats and Bosnians innocent victims is too simplistic.

All sides committed atrocities and ethnic cleansing, trying to grab as much territory as possible.

All sides targeted civilians.

It was a nasty, terrible civil war.

I spoke with a Serb friend of mine who described how his unit went into action several times to "clear out" villages - per him, anyway, only the men were killed, never women and children.

He described some Bosnian atrocities he personally witnessed that never made the CNN news feed.

To rub it in, NATO led by the USofA forcefully stripped a territory called Kosovo from Serbia, and nominally de facto made it independent.

Trouble is, Serbs consider that the cradle of their culture, notwithstanding the fact that it was overrun with ethnic Albanians (there is no love lost between those two ethnic groups).

But this time, the help was not free - the "independent" territory, or whatever you want to call it, now provides the land for a very large American military base.

In case American soldiers are forced to vacate their bases in Germany and other European countries, the long term plan is to hold on - at any cost - to this central European located base.

The Kosovo territory, in case of such a retreat, mandated perhaps by European politics, will become extremely and will grow in size to perhaps encompass the majority of Kosovo...

I wrote about Kosovo, taking my cue from the war nerd, here.

OK, I am getting wordy enough, but felt that I needed to scratch the surface of the whole Balkan imbroglio.

Here, finally, is the article, Butchery at Wakefield Prison.

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