Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember Kosovo?

Remember Kosovo? The NATO intervention?


Here's a short history primer from the blog about it.

Here's what this NATO (read - American) power play was all about - saving the poor Albanians set upon by the evil Serbs aaaaaaaaaand a secure fall back military base in the middle of Europe in case (if ever) the NATO Western allies decide to pull an Okinawa and tell American soldiers to go home.

In that (unlikely) case, the Empire of Yoo Ess of Ey has a fallback option - namely, Kosovo, the "country" (territory? much confusion there) controlled by the Albanian mafia and American intelligence and Army interests.

Camp Bondsteel (globalsecurity.org article on it link) is big:

Camp Bondsteel [CBS] is quite large: 955 acres or 360,000 square meters. If you were to run the outer perimeter, it is about 7 miles.

Again, it is an emergency fall back position in Europe if (when) the Germans and others start to yell "Yankee go home!".

And incidentally, the poor dears, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) are quite a bunch of lovely folks.

BBC: Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci 'linked to organ trafficking', dated 14 December 2010.

Former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders are accused of serious human rights abuses, including organ and drug trafficking in a report from the human rights body, the Council of Europe.

The draft report is the result of a two yearlong investigation by the special rapporteur of the Council of Europe, Dick Marty.

The version seen by the BBC confirms many of the details of a special BBC investigation in April 2009.

That BBC report presented evidence of the cross-border transfer of both Serb and Albanian prisoners of the KLA from Kosovo to Albania.

The Drenica group within the KLA which was led by Mr Thaci is accused of involvement in organised crime, including drug trafficking and the trafficking of human organs.

Evidence is also presented of organised crime activities continuing up to the present day.

Let me repeat that:
Evidence is also presented of organised crime activities continuing up to the present day.

This is what our boys and gals in Camp Bondsteel are protecting.

Realpolitik and all that jazz...

In its first reaction, the Kosovo government warned of legal and political steps against what it described as 'slanders'.

Looks like these fuckers have learned their lesson from Israel and Soviet Union.
Deny, threaten and squeal like stuck pigs if pressed by facts.

But the world governments these days have much more worthy targets of international law these days than the international organized crime mafia trafficking human organs (of Serb POWs and civilians).

Evil doers like Mr. Assange, for instance.

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