Sunday, December 12, 2010

Torture photos from Abu Ghraib

In case you are in conversation, and someone tells you that "they hate us for our freedoms".

Note that these are very graphic.

Photos from Abu Ghraib torture sessions

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the photos that were initially "leaked" out of Abu Ghraib didn't show the really nasty stuff that you can see in these pics. Like that infamous picture of the guy wearing the black hood on his head. I remember seeing that pic and thinking: huh? It looked weird, but it didn't look like my idea of torture. Of course, they didn't show us pics of guys covered in shit or bleeding from wounds from dog bites or being forced to suck dick.

I also remember a story out of Guantanamo, where a guy was allegedly "tortured" by being forced to watch a Koran be torn up, which was naturally met by much guffawing by the public about how that wasn't real torture. What all this indicates to me is that a lot of these "leaks" are in fact planted to make the atrocities seem less than they really are. I also strongly suspect that WikiLeaks is essentially propaganda in the same vein. ANYTHING getting so much attention from the mass media is highly suspicious.