Monday, August 8, 2011

The death of Isayah Muller, the All American Athlete

This is an endless topic - black people behaving badly.

Just... Just watch the video.

This is from the security camera inside a parking office, as two parking attendants are viciously assaulted by the football star and his father.

Here is the link to the newstory, dated 08 Jul 2011.

I really do not want to make this blog about being white in America is like these days, or about black misbehaviour, but this is so abnormal (to people living in 1st world countries with culture, manners, thinking processes above a 70 IQ level) that I had to post this.

This WILL be hushed up by the national media - all these stories of flash mobs in Philly, Chicago, Wisconsin are not covered nationally but kept at a local level, keeping us ignorant.


Anonymous said...

Did you watch the video you posted? It's just them talking about it and never showing it like you seem to think. What are we supposed to do with that?

AmericanGoy said...


I swear this video had the actual altercation footage...

AmericanGoy said...

Video changed.