Saturday, August 20, 2011

I find this fascinating

Make your own damn mind.

“Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy .


M. said...

What did you find fascinating Goy Boy?

I watched 30 min of the actual film.

Weird. Sick. But not fascinating.

MK-ultra perhaps. A portrait of decadence and children lost in a culture lost.

Sad. Film noire.


An0nym0us said...

I have not watched this film and don't know if I will, but this looks like the most insightful critique of the film I have read thus far.

Btw, the unabomber was a subject ofMK Ultra.

There is an interesting discussion of one of the key figures in MK Ultra (albeit one made in passing) in this article by Elizabeth Whitcombe:

The Mysterious German Professor

zfolwick said...

I found a new favorite website. thanks!