Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Re: Art

Just a quickie today.

From mitchell-images-blog, someone mentioned in the comments for this article that one of the pics the photographer took was iconic.

I agree.

It is deep, it is provoking, it is affecting us, and yes, dare I say it, it is art, modern art if you will.

I give it the title:

The Death of Europe


Anonymous said...

thought you might like to know... going to your site made my computer pop up a virus warning... lol.

As an aside in these coming months I sincerely hope to see more articles from you. While I disagree with the Jewish premise, it's quite obvious to me that you're spot-on with the majority of the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Here's some highly nutritious food for thought for those who doubt the role of Jewish power:

An extremely valuable resource and a MUST read. Enjoy.