Saturday, January 7, 2012

Detroit - the future is here

Watch this.

This is Detroit, a huge American city.

This is for all of us our near future... and for them a reality.

Ring of Gunfire: Detroit EMS Unit Stranded on New Year's Eve :

So what is this dismal future?

Gated communities for me and the upper middle class (very few of us left, after the bankers ripped the world apart and were rewarded with bailouts and record bonuses), the rest of the mid to lower class white, asian, indian, living with nigg "thugs" and "keedz" armed with machine guns, pistols, knives, baseball bats and their own worthlessness and stupidity.

Worst come to worst, me and my family can and will move somewhere safe - whether in America, Europe or Asia.

The rest of you poor fuckers - good luck to you outside the gates.


sykes.1 said...

The only "good" thing about the clip was it was not actually automatic gun fire, in the sense of automatic rifles or machine pistols.

These were automatic pistols (the terminology is different for pistols) that only fire one shot per trigger squeeze. But you can pull the trigger of an auto pistol or semi-auto (again different terminology) very rapidly, as in the clip.

Get yourself a good semiautomatic rifle, not a pistol, and learn how to use it. There are many good AR15s out there nowadays for about $1000. And there's lots of ammo available too.

There are many predominately white areas in America outside the major cities, even in the NE. Go find one. You will need friends and allies to survive if the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

It's much worse with NDAA signed into law.
Private contractors given the contracts..
The KAOS you described then the military both government and private will be sent.
(Ahh btw those nut jobs for fun pratice took aim at INNOCENT men,women and children).
Yeah they'll be taking aim at american citizens.
When your part of a private contractor your loyal to your boss.


Ahhh you warm weathered proud arrogant southwesterners,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona and California.

The trouble is just starting thru the ATF arming the Mexican Drug Cartels to the teeth thru Eric Holder's fantasty of a role in"Fast and Furious".

The Southwest is about to become like Zimbabwe.


It's all because of God the Father of My Lord Jesus Christ's judgement on america!!!


Christians betraying the Lord Jesus Christ by accepting that Damable doctrine of the Jews being God's Chosen People and supporting Israel.

Supporting and Murdering and Butchering innocent people in the middle east in the wars for Israel.

I know that those statements have pissed some of you off.


I believe in priority of geting the spiritual aspects of things right 1st then all others will fall in place.

That's why i'm leaving the country.
God's mad and payback will be a bitch!!!

Culture Warrior said...

Detoit 1967: This was equal opportunity

Watts Riots in LA

The Slaughter of Cities by E. Michael Jones parts 1 -12
The displacement of middle and lower middle class ethnic white working classes (especially Italians, Poles, and Irish) from America's cities in the period spanning from 1930 - 1980 was socially engineered in a massive undertaking intended to prevent these people from forming a cohesive political block.

The credit for this undertaking goes to Louis Wirth, a deracinated Jew, like most of his peers at U of Chicago's School of Sociology, & US military intelligence working hand in hand with the major foundations and endowments of the era. The Jews and WASPs were worried that the preponderence of working class Catholics in the cities could tip the balance of political power in America, thereby pushing America into a fascist-leaning direction. They preferred to see the cities, which were regional centers of political power, fall into the hands of blacks. That's why the term 'urban' is marketing speak for racial minority. The whites were pushed out.

If you get to the end of this video, you'll see what prompted 'white flight'; it was very nearly an ethnic cleansing of whites. White were getting their houses burned down. I remeber reading an article in HuffPo only a few years ago about Detroit, where it cited one woman who left the city after her home was burnt to the ground twice. Needless to say, she did not fit the typical demographic of a Detroiter.Maybe that's why arsonists repeatedly targeted her home. It was their way of saying GTFO.