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Pre Crime: Ex Marine forced into psychiatry ward after Facebook posts

From the Department of Pre Crime:

Daily Mail, Tuesday, Aug 21 2012:

An ex-marine involuntarily detained for psychiatric questioning after posting anti-establishment messages on his Facebook page has sparked an outpouring of support from protestors who say the move is against his First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Brandon J. Raub who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan was seized by authorities in Virginia’s Chesterfield County last Thursday for posting ‘ominous posts’ which refer to an upcoming revolution.

According to Authorities one message put up by the 26-year-old earlier this month stated: 'Sharpen my axe; I'm here to sever heads.'

After being questioned by secret service agents and the FBI, Mr Raub received a short hearing, before being detained in custody for 30 days.

Huffington Post, 08/20/12:

Col. Thierry Dupuis, the county police chief, said Raub was taken into custody upon the recommendation of mental health crisis intervention workers. He said the action was taken under the state's emergency custody statute, which allows a magistrate to order the civil detention and psychiatric evaluation of a person who is considered potentially dangerous.

Local Virginia CBS 6, August 20, 2012:

Chesterfield Police’s Col. Thierry Dupuis issued the following statement Monday afternoon after receiving numerous media inquiries:

Chesterfield Police assisted federal authorities in their efforts to interview Brandon J. Raub on Thursday, Aug. 16. After speaking to Raub, officers believed him to be in need of further evaluation.

Chesterfield officers at the scene contacted Chesterfield Mental Health Crisis Intervention. Crisis workers recommended that police take Raub into custody and bring him in for evaluation.

Chesterfield police took Raub into custody for evaluation in accordance with Virginia State Code § 37.2-808 Emergency custody.

Raub was placed in handcuffs after he resisted officers’ attempts to take him into custody.

Raub was evaluated by a Chesterfield mental health official, who determined that he should be held under a temporary dention order and transported to John Randolph Medical Center for additional evaluation.

Raub was not arrested and he faces no criminal charges in Chesterfield. As this is not a criminal matter, Chesterfield police have no further comment.

So now they will come for the metal heads, White people listening to certain types of music, certain political parties which are too much out of the accepted mainstream, etc.

Incidentally, this is a technique par excellence which was utilized by the Soviet Union. I urge you to do your own research of how that odious regime utilized psychiatric wards (staffed with KGB "doctors") to forcefully take "crazy people" (read - dissidents who publically disagreed with the regime in any way - which, of course, made them insane) and then forcefully fed them drugs to actually make them crazy.

This was a wonderful technique to break the spirit of the dissident movement, even better than the gulag, because a sight of a formerly full of life young man, full of zest, good nature and smile, reduced to a gaunt, haunted man with drool on his lips who could understand only simple words ("sit", "come here", "Oh God what did they do to you, son!") acted to break the will of anybody "crazy" enough to question the authorities.

To learn more, go to the ever wonderful Wikipedia and then do your own research - be warned, it is very chilling, much worse than any hollywood horror movie.

The thing which makes psychiatry abuse so very attractive to an authoritarian government is that it makes it NOT a criminal case - but rather a "We want to help a person, who is dangerous to society".

Much better Public Relations; looks so much better on TV.

I mean, the guy resisted arrest, which makes him crazy, right, but after the arrest it is not a criminal matter, so I am confused as to how can one be arrested and not be dealing with an American legal system DOES IT FUCKING MAKE SENSE TO YOU?

Other than good PR, another advantage of using psychiatry to stifle dissent is that it is a pseudoscience - it is not a science at all, it is simply put quackery.

There are no scientific guidelines, and each psychiatrists has the ultimate power to declare a person sane or insane based on his or her prejudices (some could declare me insane for holding a view that human races are different, for example).

Once classified as being "insane" by a quack, it is... difficult to declare one self sane again. And the stigma, of course, will follow you for the rest of your life - what with potential employers researching your whole life, including your Facebook posts, are apt to not miss that little tidbit in your life (Oh, you were admitted to a psychiatric ward for holding crazy, nonconforming view - obviously not a team player).

Read up on the Rosenhan Experiment:

The Rosenhan experiment was a famous experiment into the validity of psychiatric diagnosis, conducted by psychologist David Rosenhan in 1973. It was published in the journal Science under the title "On being sane in insane places."

The study is considered an important and influential criticism of psychiatric diagnosis.

Rosenhan's study was done in two parts. The first part involved the use of healthy associates or "pseudopatients" (three women and five men) who briefly simulated auditory hallucinations in an attempt to gain admission to 12 different psychiatric hospitals in five different states in various locations in the United States. All were admitted and diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. After admission, the pseudopatients acted normally and told staff that they felt fine and had not experienced any more hallucinations. Hospital staff failed to detect a single pseudopatient, and instead believed that all of the pseudopatients exhibited symptoms of ongoing mental illness. Several were confined for months. All were forced to admit to having a mental illness and agree to take antipsychotic drugs as a condition of their release.

Oh, it gets funnier:

The second part involved an offended hospital challenging Rosenhan to send pseudopatients to its facility, whom its staff would then detect. Rosenhan agreed and in the following weeks out of 193 new patients the staff identified 41 as potential pseudopatients, with 19 of these receiving suspicion from at least 1 psychiatrist and 1 other staff member. In fact Rosenhan had sent no-one to the hospital.

Quackery - NOT a science.

And there you go.

Pre crime, a la "Minority Report".

If any idiot says to my face that we have freedom of speech in this country I will fucking snap smile and nod my head, smile and nod my head.

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