Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Those Who Can See - great blog, or greatest blog?

Those Who Can See blog has another wonderful write up; go check it out.

No, really, go there right now.

Pictures speak louder than words, however, so if you are totally pressed for time (i.e. not having the 10 minutes which could be spent playing video games), here you go:

Sources: List of Jewish American politicians,

List of Jewish United States Supreme Court justices,

Federal Reserve,

Occidental Dissent.

Source: Wikipedia, Chairmen of FRB

But there is more, much more in the article, so seriously, go there now.

Otherwise you are fit to be deemed crazy.

And you know what that can do to your life...


Anonymous said...

From that blog post:

"One of the most persecuted, oppressed, and vilified groups in human history has settled in significant numbers in the U.S. and, despite years of mistreatment, has managed to resist the damaging effects of WASPs' privilege rays: Ashkenazi Jews."

Oh puh-leeeeeeeze. More bullshit about the poor, innocent Jews? I honestly don't get why you keep promoting that shit blog. Lots of people have pointed out the exact same stats, without all the Jewish victimhood nonsense. How in the fuck is it the "greatest blog"? You must be losing your mind. You have way better stuff right here on your own blog.

I thought you had better sense than this. Has someone killed the real American Goy and replaced you with a neocon? My respect for you is going down a notch.

AmericanGoy said...

He is poking fun a bit.

Look at the numbers therein, look at the graphs, what a treasure trove of info.